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Thread: [LOW PRIORITY] Unusually High Fall Damage

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    [LOW PRIORITY] Unusually High Fall Damage

    Game Version:
    Ubuntu 14.04 Kernel generic 64 bit
    Simple Description: "Fell" off of a foundation block and took unusually high damage.
    Detailed Description: Built a 3 story vehicle assembly building. Removed a foundation block and placed a hover jack on ground. While placing blocks around jack, I fell off existing foundation onto either the 'level' ground or the jack itself. Heard suit thrusters fire and I landed hard taking 65% damage to health. When in reality I fell approximately the height of an armour block. Foundation block was complete, jack and smaller surrounding blocks were frame only.
    Repeatable: Happened Once, Walked over the same area several times. Did not repeat.

    Could have been a physics glitch. I will repost and include logs if it happens again.


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    Roger that. We had high collision damage when running to the fences before, but that was fixed. Now there's the vertical issue to that. Let us know if the trouble reappears.
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