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Thread: Mobile Base Wheel Traction / Power

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    Mobile Base Wheel Traction / Power

    Hi all, new player here and I've had some "interesting" times with the new mobile base wheels. First off I have no idea what settings are best for the wheel speed, torque vs. speed, suspension, etc. So having said that, my massive base vehicle has a really hard time climbing even the smallest of inclines. Also every now and then it launches itself into the air, flips a couple of times and lands. Sometimes on it's wheels and sometimes not.

    By-the-way, really loving the game.

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    Hello and welcome!

    Sorry nobody left you an answer yet. With climbing it's all about power vs weight AND having good traction on the wheels. With the base wheels, it's really important to put some weight on them, so that the suspensions get depressed and act like suspensions and not like rods. So basically soft suspensions and best if you see them squeezed a bit by the vehicl, and when you add weight and see them squeezed too much, then going stiffer.

    BUT when you add weight, you also need to add more power (more powered wheels).

    Best to put high speed, as that gives most power. We'll be removing that soon anyway, to leave just the transmission settings: torque is for climbing, speed is for runs on a flat terrain.

    Sorry about the launches and flips... mostly happen when wheels collide with each other or the vehicle, so it's best to put some space between them. Also the hinges/rotors used in suspensions add to the volatile mix.

    Here's a very beefy source of tips and information on vehicles:
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