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Thread: [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Respawn after death hangs

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    [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Respawn after death hangs

    Game Version: v0.7.5
    OS: Windows 10
    Simple Description: After dying and selecting a stasis pod to respawn, the game hangs in the loading screen.
    Detailed Description:
    Not much more to add, except this has started happening only on the latest update (0.7.5). Each time the pod has been over 1km away, I did not test for closer.
    Killing the game and reloading puts you in the stasis pod.
    Reproducibility: Consistent
    How to Reproduce: Go a long way from your stasis pod, die, select the pod to respawn.
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    Anyone else having the same issue?

    Can you please include your output log right from the time this happens again?
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    I've tried to reproduce the problem, and can't now.

    The only other thing I can think that might have caused the issue was where I died.
    I kept dying close to a lot of creature nests...I flipped my rover and was having trouble righting it - because they wanted to kill me!

    It was the last load step when it hung (Loading active objects?) and it stops at 50%. For me it always stops there, then finishes. When it hangs it just stops there and I kill it after about 30 seconds.

    I'll upload a log if it happens again.

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    This happens to when i am playing and something goes wrong in the game, then i directly load my last save file, then it will hang at "Loading active objects" at 50%.

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    Hello Nomads,

    I have been experiencing hangs and crash to desktop since I started playing in September (.0.6.x).
    Although I die very infrequently, it does seem to happen when...

    1) I have played the game for several hours, versus one or two.
    2) When I select a stasis pod and click "respawn" more often than just double clicking the selected pod.

    I am also seeing this happen when I monument travel, which I started in the last few days.
    It seems the monument is a reskinned stasis pod and I'm spawning in a different location with 100% health, food, and water.

    I can usually travel to one monument without issue, about 50% of the time I can manage a second travel.
    When the game hangs, it is at the "Generating World" screen with no progress bar. I kill the process from Top and restart. I will spawn at the chosen monument as if nothing happened.
    I believe the CTD happens just before I see the "Generating World" screen.

    If I attempt a third travel, I would say a 95 to 100% certainty of CTD or Hang.

    Daniel, If it would help I will post log and db files the next time it happens.

    HW Specs. MB - Asus z87, CPU - Intel I7 4770K 3.5 Ghz, RAM - 16 GB Corsair, GPU - EVGA GeForce GTX1080 Hybrid Cooling.

    OS Ubuntu 17.04 64bit

    Graphics Driver NVIDIA 384.90

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