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Thread: I was in space...

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    Talking I was in space...

    My veichle decide to go for orbit and then space with me still onboard...

    planet orbit1.jpg

    I've also other images of the Star and the Moon but the image size limit in the forum is too tight I could not resize and keep enough resolution to see what is in the image. 19KB is too low for anything now a day...

    Anyway this is an example of high instability due to small changes in your veichle/structure. Remove a block or add one and you rocket into space without warning. There should be something better engineered at least to warn you about the instability risk. Though it is not so nice anyway that this happen,

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    I also tried gravity of the planet. For now, there is no atmosphere (so, no burning) and when i fell to the gound, i was in water. After some swimming, i appeared on the ground. Interesting experience

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    Fitting for your nickname!

    In case you'd want us to look at your creation that launched you to space, please send the saves to us, here's how:
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