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Thread: Build Vision/Electrical Vision/Storage and Crafting Vision

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    Lightbulb Build Vision/Electrical Vision/Storage and Crafting Vision

    So currently I have seen quite a view complaints about "Build vision overload." I'd like to offer a solution.

    What if we create additional visions?

    So we have our standard Build Vision, keep that, it's working quite well.
    Although, why don't we remove some aspects from it?
    Remove Electrical from it entirely and make that it's own vision.
    Also remove Storage and crafting from it entirely and make that it's own vision too.

    This could possibly be done by just having us toggle between them. Right now we toggle between build vision and standard vision.
    Add more toggles? If in standard vision pressing tab once would give us Build vision, press tab again, give us electrical vision, tab again, goes to storage vision.

    People can choose to have each vision key-bound to like Shift+B or whatever else they want.

    Now this gets to be quite a bit much and no one wants to tab 3 times to get out of build vision and back to normal vision. Might I suggest something to allow us to automatically go back to standard vision?

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    Yes, we keep thinking about the BuildVision clutter and this solution sounds elegant enough to take into account. Thanks for that!
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    A nice solution to switch between 'vision' modes would be to cycle through the vision modes with a single key/button while the button is pressed repeatedly within a timeout (1 to 2 seconds at most).

    If the timeout has elapsed, pressing the button reverts to standard vision.

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    I had a similar thought on separating vision modes... I like the idea of having our current key toggle through all of the modes, but I also wonder about maybe using some of the function keys to switch to specific modes? Or even allowing keybinding in general to the modes, so you can make them fit your play style...

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