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    Hello all,

    I just bought Planet Nomads today, so I'm new here, but having fun with the game these last 3 hours.
    Just wanted to say hi from Belgium

    I've watched the dev's Nomadic videos, and I really like their approach to this kind of game.
    Watching the Trello updates is a joy to follow on where this game is going.
    Didn't realize there was a kickstarter for this. Had I known, I would have supported from the beginning.
    Going over the forum, I must say this is quite an engaged and helpful community.
    Kudos to the community for being so constructive, and kudos to the devs alike for listening to their fanbase

    Since there is no introductions thread, I took the liberty to make one. Hope this is not inappropriate?
    [edit]...or the wrong place to post such a thread?[\edit]

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    Greetings to Belgium and welcome aboard, Peter! It's a good idea for the topic and a place good as any
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