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Thread: How do you find crash sites?

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    How do you find crash sites?

    I've been playing .7 long enough that I've driven ~16km in one save, and loaded 2 others just to see if that world is odd. But I've never encountered a crash site!

    • How are other people locating them - is there a specific land type it appears in?
    • Does the marker appear for it within a certain distance?
    • Do they not spawn on 'old' saves?

    Update - I think I just answered my own question. Started a brand new game - it spent ~45 seconds with a 'generating wrecks' status bar... So, unless other people see differently, it looks like they're mainly spawning on new worlds.

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    They pop up on your compass header when you are within 1km. This is on a new world since 0.7 as the last seed I was on was riddled with crevasses and made going anywhere unbearable.

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