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Thread: [Low Priority] Falling Through Water

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    [Low Priority] Falling Through Water

    This one is a little weird, not important, but silly bug.

    Game Version: 0.7_update-preview (beta branch)
    OS: Windows 10
    Simple Description: Fall through water at normal falling speed
    Detailed Description: Instead of floating down through the water as normal, you fall down at full speed as if you were above ground. You can hit the sea floor and injure/kill yourself. Close your inventory and you then speed back to the surface (without touching controls) and kind of spaz the jetpack a little at surface
    Reproducibility: Every time
    How to Reproduce: Just below sea level, fly upwards. As soon as you breach, open inventory. You will fall down at regular speed.
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    so far haven't gotten the update yet, might be a little slower on steam.

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    I can confirm, that this is a bug, we'll work on it.

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