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Thread: Long distance travel

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    Question Long distance travel

    Ok, we have wheeled transportation. But it can be tedious (especially when falling into ravine).
    Is it planned to have rail based transportation ?

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    The ravines will be removed with the 0.7 updated tomorrow, and the size of biomes will be smaller.
    The update requires a wipe, but traveling between Biomes will be much easier.

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    While Viking may be correct I would imagine that eventually we will have different sized planets. and let's be honest who hasn't dreamed of full functioning cities and towns. Also I'm guessing Caves and ravines will be re-added in a later update once the terrain generation gets better and more optimized I truly hope that we have more. So anyways!!!! I want Rail systems. especially cause I would like Auto Rail systems because that would be slightly more realistic than the current conveyor belt all the way from god knows where, where you happened to put your auto-miner.

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