Allow the user to create a separate mapping device, that shows a growing set of data, based on how capable the device is. The map device is created via a printer. More sophisticated mappers, require more esoteric materials.

* Level I : Map shows local area, radar like. Basic terrain elements visible, rock, water, trees, cave entrances. Max radius 125m
* Level II : Same as Level I + Can be toggled to show larger radius. Also shows Animals, within 125m radius. Max radius 250m
* Level III : Same as lvl II + Can be toggled to show larger radius. Map now also shows resources, such as metals, as well as animals. Now has a memory, so unvisited areas appear as black, areas visited are shown mapped, with the 125m radius around travelled path retained. Resources shown to 250m, Max radius 500m.
* Level IV : Same as lvl III + Max radius 750m. Resources shown to 500m.

In terms of retained mapping. It would work like the Civilisation map. Visited areas show terrain. Un-visited is black.