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Thread: Your vehicle designs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Netgyrl View Post
    aRPeaR, new vehicle looks cool, but I want a tour of your base in the back ground! now that looks really impressive! Here are some pictures off my base. Indoors it's still all empty. I do not know how to make a youtube video, if that is what you want.

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    Here's my first run at a long range hover scout. All hover pads are in sets of 3 on articulated arms and set at 2 heights (front and back set to high hover, middle lower one set to medium hover). With this swing arm setup it really adjusts and attacks bumps and hills well, and it's sort of self-correcting front to back so it doesn't wander away since I built it mass balanced left/right. Averages about 35-40 kph on everything but the steepest hills, which it can drop down to around 15 kph at times. The only down side is that I'm chewing up 1.95k of my 2k power output on the reactor with the stasis pod powered up.

    Long Range Hover Scout.jpg

    Long Range Hover Scout Top.jpg

    Long Range Hover Scout Side.jpg

    Long Range Hover Scout Front.jpg

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    Nice idea and also it is nice to see that hover pads can work whithout suspensions - it just look unnaturally whith them

    On the other hand, I didnt test hovercrafts yet, but it looks like hover pads need to "be in contact" whith ground to propel you in any direction, except upwards ofc. Somehow, I was hoping that this type of drive would eliminate the need for building moving arms and so it would allow us more freedom how to desing hovercrafts.
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    This is the second iteration of my hover scout. I tried to convert my wheeled design at first but that was very unbalanced, and one uranium generator was not enough to power everything. So I've got rig of the hinge based rear suspensions, rearranged stuff a bit and this is the result
    It is quite well balanced actually, which is pretty much an accident. Since the hover pads are not fully on the front, it bumps into the ground occasionally on rough terrain, but made that sacrifice to keep the looks
    Speed is moderate, ~30 - 35 kph on relatively flat terrain, but it can climb near vertical hills as well actually. Has a decent amount of storage space as the bottom is packed with small cargos. With everything connected to the generator - includign the sleeping pod - it is on 1.99K load out of the 2K max.

    I made screenshots: \o/

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