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Thread: [Acknowledged] Entire bridge disappears.

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    [Acknowledged] Entire bridge disappears.

    A strange thing happened it might be a bug but I'm not sure, it seems when i move into a certain section a bridge i had built disappears, and when i move back it re-appears. I have enclosed a video so you might see this for yourself.

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    Problem the same as this problem.

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    ChicagoBob, thanks for the video, nice soothing voice you have.

    We know about this issue and will have to put a limit on how far buildings can stretch.

    What's happening is that your building is stretching across several terrain chunks (the chunk is a certain area and unit into which the voxel terrain is divided). There are only several chunks around you at a time and those further away are unloaded - when this happens, the building gets "unloaded" too.

    For now, we'd advise to shorten your buildings, or rather divide them into several smaller ones.

    Hope this helps a bit.
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