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Thread: how about Iron, silver, aluminum, and gold plates

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    Question how about Iron, silver, aluminum, and gold plates

    I was just thinking that once we make our upgrades, there is not much use for silver, gold, and aluminum.

    But what if instead of just using iron plates for building floor, walls, and etc. we could build that stuff with silver, gold, and aluminum plates.

    Iron plates giving the items a dark-gray color,
    Silver plates = shiny light gray,
    Aluminum plates give a dull light gray and/or a lighter objects,
    Gold plates = gold.

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    That's one of the plans for future. But in order that different tiers of materials make sense, we'll first need to implement destructible blocks. Because then the higher tiered ones will not only have different looks, but also more hit points (therefore be more durable).
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