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Thread: Unforseen 6.7 & 6.8 hotfixes and oxygen tank & medium armory in 0.6.9

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    Unforseen 6.7 & 6.8 hotfixes and oxygen tank & medium armory in 0.6.9
    Hello Nomads,

    These were some hectic times, these past few days. Starting the game localization brought major unexpected issues, as Petr has so aptly put in his patch notes on Steam. We're also having national holidays here in the Czech Republic. These two events took a lot out of the available development time for this week's patch. Still, we didn't want to break the weekly cycle.


    In line with all other production blocks, Armory got its medium version with conveyor ports for automated production.


    Always wanted to stay underwater longer, didn't you, Nomads? Well now you can. Refill your suit oxygen levels immediately with the newly added oxygen tanks.


    Next week you're going to get your first shooting tool... yes, these are called guns. An assault rifle. The model is still work in progress, but gives you a nice insight into things to come.

    There's going to be a new episode of Nomadic Journals and we're finally showing who wins the box and what's in it. Thomas will be on this episode to talk about the upcoming animal changes and performance improvements that are coming in the big update by the end of July.

    Thanks for reading, Nomads. Don't forget to check the new Medium Armory and Oxygen Tanks.

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    Ok, the gun looks cool, but it looks too much like an upgraded tool.
    Same colours, same profile, and with a little tank, and a power cell.
    Until you fire and bullets/lasers come out, no one's going to know one from the other.

    If you have your heart set on this design, at least make it black or something obvious to distinguish the guns from the tools.

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    Yeah, that was my first thought too. Maybe fast fix? - you can change that two fat ends to be that gun "barrels", that middle part can just do some effects for better look. And change color ofc, that should be easy .

    Btw my self - I hope that it will shoot plasma shots or lasers brusts like lasers wpns in Star Wars , yet so far we know only that it is "assault" type, so anything : ))
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    My screenshots from PN.

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    LOL.. guys :-) I'm perfectly OK with the design if it will shoot (no matters if bullets or whatever else). The last thing that should concern you about a gun is how it looks, unless you are planning to use it as a fashion accessory only which I hope you won't.. ;-)

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    Cool gun.... but it reminds me somehow a lot of the Nerf guns my son has. Same design, same colors. As long as it packs more power then those, I am fine with it.

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