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Thread: How To - Backup save files

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    How To - Backup save files


    I'm doing periodic backups of most of my saved files. How would it be possible to backup the save files of Planet Nomads?
    Is it just copying the various save*.db files to a remote storage device?

    The intention of my questions are to continue playing Planet Nomads with it's restored save files if something went wrong with the HDD (yes HDD have a specific life time ) or with software update.

    Cu folks

    PS: I'm running Planet Nomads natively on Ubuntu 14.04 without Steam.

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    Your files are in ~/.config/unity3d/Craneballs/PlanetNomads

    A full backup should include the _main.db, without it the game will probably not show any saved games in the loading menu. The individual saves can be restored on their own in case some update broke them.
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