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Thread: Newby Questions!

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    Newby Questions!

    Sorry if these have been asked millions of times, but I haven't been able to follow this game as closely as I wanted. It looks like a fantastic thing if my first impressions are right.

    I do have a few 'ponderings' though.

    In the development phase there were pictures of tracked vehicles, but all I can see in the current post release vids of the game-play are wheeled buggies, all basically using the same wheels. Are there other options?

    Also are water craft planned? I have seen there are lakes and 'seas', but nothing to sail on them.

    Been digging around looking for a roadmap or similar to see if I can find out, but haven't really found anything that helped.

    Game is on my 'wishlist' on Steam, but I've been hesitating when it comes to clicking BUY.

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    I'm a newbie myself, but I'll try to answer

    Currently there is only one wheel type, my guess other types will come as there is a need/use for them.
    EI: Road graders need tracks.

    (I think I heard that hover vehicles are in the works.)

    Here is the road-map.

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    If you have concerns about the game you should really wait until you buy the game and see them resolved.

    The building demo they released has bigger wheels and tracks, I am assuming that they will come back later in the game again. There has been talk about boats/hovercrafts by the devs a while back, but nothing definite yet. Personally I would prefer flight.

    The first thing that is going to be tackled is the terrain generation so it will be more accessible by vehicles. That will not solve the seas and oceans problem, so that needs to be addressed after that. Looking at the current roadmap, it isn't a priority yet.

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