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Thread: please delete all holes in the world

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    Unhappy please delete all holes in the world

    the biggest threat in Planet Nomads are ... unexpected holes in the landscape (and also under water). I cannot count how often I ruined my viehicle by dropping into this holes - laying on the roof. I swear if this happend the autosave ruined the savegame also. This holes appear without any visual sign - warning - whatever. They look not natural they look more like a bug than a real cavern. This is the only thing which is really anoying in the game. If I want a hole I use the multi Tool. Thats it. The holes are completely useless and in no case a help. They are simply a pain in the ass (sorry).
    So If I have a wish - please remove this ... holes out of the game completely. They produce only frustration.

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    Issue is known and will be addressed in a later major update..... most likely at the end of the summer.

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