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Thread: [ACKNOWLEDGED] Vehicle off to space or "I built another spaceship.. "

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    [ACKNOWLEDGED] Vehicle off to space or "I built another spaceship.. "

    Game Version: 0.6.3
    OS: Windows 10 64-bit
    Simple Description: I just tried build a monorail system. But, something goes wrong..
    Reproducibility: With my save files - always
    How to Reproduce:
    Download my save, load it, press forward and backward buttons to move few times. Enjoy a flying. Use W to turn left and S, to right.
    Any additional information:
    Epic videos:

    Save files
    Ready to bug:
    My "monorail":

    Log file:

    P.S. I hope, that I will be added to Nomadic journals as crazy creator

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    This worries me a little guys.... I hope you can tackle this problem soon and once and for all.

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    LOL nice job Harrison, now can you make a vehicle fly when using the wheels in the correct way, attaching them to suspension and so they dont touch each other

    also the speed on the bottom right dose not seem to be correct when you are flying ;)
    Wazbat say's "Oh Nomad Dave isn't affiliated with Planet Nomads or Craneballs" witch is very true all I have is the game

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    Was this fixed with the latest suspension fixes?

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