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Thread: [NOT A BUG] Crafting queue do not go down while "sleeping"

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    [NOT A BUG] Crafting queue do not go down while "sleeping"

    Game Version: 0.6.2
    OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit
    Simple Description: Crafting queue do not go down while "sleeping"
    Detailed Description: I experienced the glitch when I put 30/40 flowers to grow in the green tank and went to sleep, since a flower is 5mn craft per unit after 8 hours of sleep it should have been done, but no, it like the game still too the real time over the game time.
    Reproducibility: No idea first time I paid attention
    How to Reproduce:
    My guess is to put a lot of crafting queues in 3D printer / green house and go to sleep and see after the 8h in game if the queues are done.
    Any additional information:
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    Hey Goratrix,
    one day in planet nomads is 36 hours (36minutes real time)... so if you went sleep for 8 hours your flowers were crafting only for 8mins. Hope you understand
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