Vehicle launched into space
Large buildings dissapear based on distance from first block, causing long buildings to dissapear near you

Died when exiting vehicle near modified terrain
Multi tool icon has no MK number.
Game stuck on stress music
Game will not get past main menu
Changed wheel base angle makes it harder to attach wheel
Black box invisible/not there
Bridge dissapears when reloading save
Animal thrown projectiles go through buildings
Buildings disapear after travelling a long distance from them. This is especially noticable with large buildings.
Water is not affected by interiour lights
Exiting a vehicle in a tunnel causes the player to be kicked out the world
UI problems on an ultrawide monitor
Progress animation when mining isnt continuous
When dying in a sleeping pod, items are dropped directly on the pod
Far away items aren't generated and require a reload
Rebuilt part of a vehicle and it no longer moves