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Thread: Early Access Patch Notes

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    Post Early Access Patch Notes
    - updated Unity engine to 2018.2.7f1
    - reduced light emission of wheels
    - pre-loading of assets to eliminate some lags
    - fixed slow menu response before loading a game
    - fixed slow UI response before displaying Block Catalog
    - pointer in tutorial moved to center of the screen
    - delayed destruction made by Tool to eliminate mis-clicking
    - not displaying center of mass in Build Vision by default Gleaming Wheels
    - added emissive effects on Wheels when powered
    - adjustable ghost block / ghost blueprint distance - hold shift and scroll mouse button to change the distance
    - new Bug Reporting Tool (in main menu and in-game pause menu)
    - fixed low FPS in intro cinematics
    - blocks in terminal are ordered alphabetically
    - auto-generated block names (with numbers) are saved now
    - access to terminal from cockpit (press "T" in cockpit, if you have usable terminal on your vehicle)
    - blueprint tagging and editing
    - fixed bug that broke blueprint upload/download functionality
    - fixed jammed trigger on tools and weapons
    - fixed options tabs rendering in pause menu
    - hidden distant electricity connections
    - fixed building blueprints with Interior Cockpit
    - modified weights of new cockpits
    - new blocks
    - Plant Pot
    - Stairs One Step, Half Stairs, Stairs Joint
    - Railing Corner
    - Interior Cockpit, Standing Cockpit
    - Pylon with Light
    - no electricity consumption of Wheels, Hover Pads and Hover Blades when idle
    - added alitmeter to cockpit GUI
    - added author name into blueprint metadata
    - optimized electricity circuits recalculation
    - some minor bug fixes (building locked blocks, calculation of welding resources)
    - fixed missing blueprint thumbnails on Linux
    - fixed inaccurate solar panel power calculation
    - built with Unity 2018.2.4f1 (and following bugfixes)
    - Blueprints with Steam Support (more info in our forum post -
    - bigger block catalog, more consistent order of blocks
    - added new blocks as a reward for Kickstarter backers (they received instructions how to redeem them via Kickstarter private message)
    - various rendering optimizations (more info in our blog post -
    - merged cameras together and changed way of universe simulation
    - added options for low performance computers - lower quality models, dynamic resolution
    - save files moved to the new folder
    - added news box into main menu
    - built with Unity 2018.2
    - fixed mouse not locking after alt+tabbing
    - fixed keyboard typing double characters on Linux
    - fixed shader issue caused blocks being too dark
    - build with Unity 2018.1 - expect some undocumented changes
    - fixed music that was muted after diving/emerging
    - made mouse wheel bindable in options
    - added bindable hotkey to hide/show HUD
    - fixed some bugs with airblades (sound playing while not completed etc.)
    - tutorial is automatically disabled after completion
    - removed "destroy" particle effect after splitting grids
    - added notice about changing video settings during gameplay
    - fixed typo in the name of background art author
    - fixed achievements wrongly triggered in tutorial
    - fixed default image in teleport selection
    - added slideshow of players' creations on main menu background
    - fixed first spawning algorithm to generate better starting positions
    - new (better) default seed for first quick game
    - fixed shadows flickering
    - fixed errorneous stats regeneration at some circumstances
    - fixed some tutorial particles, animations and effects
    - fixed datapad state after the tutorial
    - fixed problem with direct block selection (shift+click in block catalog)
    - fixed damage in drop pod in intro sequence
    - new story-driven tutorial
    - new mother ship on which story and tutorial begins
    - improved hint system with pointer and triggers that guides you through the tutorial and opens up different parts and function at right time
    - simplified first new game start (quick launch)
    - changed materials gathered from crashsites to ones that are more useful at early gameplay
    - delayed bad weather occurence after game start
    - increased distance of dangerous animals from drop pod
    - multitool secondary beam color changed to red to be better distinguishable
    - reworked GUI windows management - now you can close windows and popups gradually by ESC key
    - fixed some FPS drops with Air Blades
    - reduced maximum distnace of dynamic lights to keep higher FPS
    - fixed issue of resetting position of locked joints after loading game
    - added joint locking and renaming to winch and rotor radial menu
    - added colors into lights radial menu
    - added light shadows quality settings
    - electricity lines takes color from switches in build vision
    - item dispenser radius was increased from 13 to 25 meters
    - fixed unloading of grids on corresponding terrain chunk unload
    more info on our development blog -
    - maximum stack size was increased to 100
    - ghost block is less transparent for better visibility
    - double clicking on usable item in inventory transfers it into the hotbar (or into a container if one is opened)
    - resolved issue with conveyor connectors not connecting in some circumstances
    - fixed sudden object movement after sleeping
    - keeping jetpack hover mode enabled after exiting cockpit
    - blocked use and radial menu in cockpit
    - fixed misssing build vision icons on some active blocks (greenhouse, compact medbay, radar)
    - fixed minor UI bugs (text alignment, non-updated texts, digging gizmo)
    - fixed bug that caused save corruption Hot Bars Merged
    - removed survival bar, building bars now can contain survival items
    - console - added command helps and new command for kickstarter backers for saving their wreck designs
    - modified tool/weapon behavior - removed autohiding and other tweaks
    - modified vehicle building help screen
    - fixed automatic miners - no more vanishing of potencial resources
    - fixed unintended reset of building block rotation
    - fixed some bugs in hover blades
    - disabled jetpack controls during renaming blocks in radial menu
    - removed easter eggs from nests Hotfix
    - fixed freeze during load of game with machines printing some items
    - survival Hot Bar modified to show count of items even if it's one
    Build Vision / Hot Bar / Radial Menu Changes:
    - unlinked Build Vision from building, so you can build without the need to enable Build Vision
    - added "layers" to Build Vision - you can choose what kind of gizmos you want to see by holding TAB key
    - Radial Menu is accessible without Build Vision - BV is automatically temporarily enabled when needed
    - Build Vision does no longer switch Hot Bars - you can switch it by whipping out a weapon (Q key switches to survival bar) or selecting block (B key switches to building bar)
    - Hot Bar remembers your rotation of each block - you can reset it to original state by selecting equipped block again

    Minor Changes / Bugfixes:
    - you can gather some loot from Nests, special Easter Eggs are here for a limited time!
    - to reflect recent changes tutorial and hints have been modified a little bit
    - Bio Generator is now earlier in the Tech Tree - you build generator first and appliances later
    - when you build a Battery, it is fully charged from the start (now also in the survival mode)
    - smoothened camera movement in first person view - should eliminate head bobbing sickness
    - modified Green House recipes to yield more crop
    - Biohazard Treatment, Escape Pod and Stasis Chamber now cures radiation
    - Medium Medbay recipes has been accelerated to be faster than in Compact Medbay
    - Emergency Printer no longer needs electricity after rebuilt
    - jetpack hover status is now saved with your game
    - it is no longer possible to change jetpack hover mode when game is paused
    - fixed some bugs related to swimming when game is paused or inventory dialog displayed
    - jetpack does not burn again if you exit vehicle that you've entered with jetpack enabled
    - fixed fast oscillation of circuits with solar panels (caused low CPU performance in some special cases)
    - fixed physics freeze of distant objects in some cases
    - fixed problems with air blades that caused air crafts unusable after save/load
    New blocks:
    - ceiling/floor block with conveyor port
    - interior wall with conveyor port
    - six way conveyor

    New features:
    - ten "pages" in building hotbar, use shift+0..9 to switch them
    - shift+click in block catalog equips block without using hotbar
    - filter by name in the block catalog
    - weather in advanced survival settings

    - not unloading big bridges while walking away from its origin
    - physics freeze of distant vehicles to overcome some bugs on unloading
    - saving vehicle movement speed
    - saving unfinished work of printers
    - fixed ghostblock jitter
    - fixed occasional missing drop pod and other wreckage
    - fixed randomly vanishing electricity connections
    - fixed center of mass indicator misbehavior
    - fixed jetpack hover mode (didn't descend at max height)
    - item dispenser disables on entering vehicle Deuterium Generators
    - added Deuterium Generator for buildings and Small Deuterium Generator for vehicles
    - added indication of mass distribution to Build Vision
    - added option to alter the duration of daytime
    - added switch button into block "Use" GUIs
    - optimized first generation of the world (generating wrecks phase)
    - optimized game saving/loading, mainly on non-SSD drives
    - modified console to pause the game
    - fixed physics glitch when descending into water with jetpack in hover mode
    - fixed building positions on block "Reinforced Wall Ext/Int Conveyor Joint"
    - fixed planet map update after beacon rename Connecting Conveyors
    - new block Conveyor Connector - to join conveyors from different grids
    - new block Glassed Cockpit - for better maneuvering of your air crafts
    - new blocks Flat Solar Panels and Sloped Solar Panels
    - new "beta" languages: Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), Czech
    - optimized mass recalculation
    - fixed conveyors recalculation when grids are split
    - fixed vanishing buildings when last part of terrain chunk is deleted Bugfix
    - fixed missing materials (pink air blades)
    - radial menu / inventory "Open" disambiguation
    - fixed recalculation of remaining power in generators after load
    - inverted display of selected color in color picker
    - increased maximum distance of camera in 3rd person view Colorful Blocks
    - added block coloring functionality to multi-tool - press middle mouse button to select block color
    - finally resolved conveyor loading freeze issues
    - added recipe for seeds to greenhouse
    - added Ryu Tamaru story line
    - fixed missing tutorial parts
    - tweaked building "ghost block" gizmo appearance Hotfix
    It fixes following bugs:
    - low performance / freeze during load of game with lot of conveyors
    - errorneous vehicle behaviour when mixing different sizes of air blades
    - unlimited energy from generators after load of survival game

    0.8.6 Large Air Blade
    - New block: Large Air Blade
    - Switches disconnected by distance automatically reconnect on comeback - useful for recharging batteries of your rovers
    - Improved physics stability (changed the way how inertia tensors is computed)
    - Builder tweaks:
    - disabled grid snapping if not possible to build in given place
    - changed build distance for different block sizes
    - added effect on block removal
    - Performance tweaks:
    - added object visibility distance settings: low and very high
    - added option to complete disable decorative grass objects
    - fixed slow loading of saves with many pipes
    - disabled planet map rendering where not necessary
    - changed order of rendering distant trees
    - dynamic object batching Free Energy
    - Solar Panel - recharge your batteries without wasting resources
    - Water Pump - aka. mining machine for dirty water
    - Teleporting will not heal you anymore
    - Decreased regeneration in Stasis Chamber
    - Removed functionless Extraterrestial Datapad

    0.8.4 Gifts and Contest
    - Christmas gifts (only in new survival games)
    - Longer conveyor blocks (4 and 8 units long)1
    - Surround sound - if you have more than 2 speakers, visit options
    - Fixed mining machine stopped working without a reason
    - Fixed buggy wheel material
    - Fixed rename in radial menu
    - German localization nearly finished, all thanks to Justin Heuer

    0.8.3 Looting Wreck

    - The initial crash-site now contains wreckage with loot
    - Massive Mining Machine rework - select the resources you want to mine and disable overfilling of connected containers
    - Filter connected blocks by name and type in Terminal
    - Bind Radial Menu buttons to keyboard
    - Enable/Disable Switchboard by a single press of a button (default E)
    - Fixed the long troubles with some keyboards and controllers! (no more crashes and frozen keyboards)
    - Minor bugfixes

    0.8.2 Jetpack Hover Mode

    - Added hover mode to jetpack
    - Allowed radar to be built on buildings and vehicles (scan has to be activated manually when outside a scanned area)
    - Batteries recharge automatically in Creative mode when depleted
    - Disable suit voice in the options
    - Added weight info to block tooltips
    - Fixed menu layout on 16:10 wide screens
    - Added datapad and map keys into tutorial sheet
    - Autosaves are now specifically marked in the list of saves
    - Minor bugfixes (light sensor, generator, electricity vision, player animation, block deconstruction,...)

    0.8.1 Monuments Achieved + Fixes

    - Fixed automatic door opening and decreased energy consumption
    - Added thumbnails for saved games
    - Monument achievements
    - Enlarged the active area of radial menu
    - Close radial menu by pressing the "C" key again
    - Dismiss inventory window when far away from block
    - Multiple bug fixes and optimizations

    0.8 Monumental Travels

    - Flyers
    - Electricity 2.0
    - Monuments
    - Main Story expands

    0.7.11 Terminal

    - Terminal - block for central setting of all functional blocks on a grid
    - Spanish (Mexican) - big thanks to Jecsham Castillo
    - Removed special filters from a few sounds (optimization)

    0.7.10 Customize Your Planet and Balance Your Difficulty

    - Choose from three preset difficulties to match your play-style
    - Create your own difficulty mix by setting the length of the night, weather, attributes regeneration and more
    - Create the world of your desire - set the planet size, water level, animal density, terrain roughness, dangers and more
    - Character attributes are now more responsive to the flow of the game (you get cold much faster after exposed to rain, and regenerate faster when you hide from it)
    - Attributes are now invisible in Character Screen - you only see the applied Conditions now to make things more straightforward
    - Other major changes made to Survival mechanics, find out
    - Extreme biomes are more deadly and require you to have a better equipment to survive in them
    - Hoverpads fixed to hover on their own in the hover mode (without the need for a cockpit)
    - Costs of some components lowered
    - Wind volume decreased to match the sound of rain
    - Wheels now a lot less effective under water
    - Player spawner reworked to not spawn you above the atmosphere Livelier Biomes

    - Biomes become livelier with environment sounds
    - Reworked icons for all Component items to make them more distinct from each other
    - In Creative mode it is now possible to delete blocks with just the right mouse button - no need to have any block selected
    - Fixed a bug connected with entering the droppod with Multitool equipped Floating Foundation Block

    * Added Floating Foundation block
    * Hover pads hover height has been increased from 2 meters to 2.5 meters (highest setting)
    * Aggressive flies from hazard world objects now cause less damage
    * Aggressive flies are now bigger and more distinct with colors
    * Changed Graphic Presets in Graphics Settings to a more balanced out performance - this should help FPS go up for less powerful rigs
    * Decreased Jetpack sound volume Naming All Blocks... in French

    - Fixed the bug shutting down hover-pads after splitting them from the grid they were on
    - Added French localization - thanks to Eric Rosson
    - Switch between hover mode and OFF mode is now more gradual
    - All function blocks can now be renamed on the last position in Radial Menu (important for the upcoming updates)
    - Hazard fungus lowered to closer to the ground
    - Slightly increased world reflectivity for better visual experience
    - Wheels no longer have speed setting in Radial Menu - all wheels are set to highest speed by default
    - Basic tutorial simplified to not overwhelm new players with information
    - Swarms of fireflies around bushes and trees with fruits and herbs now bigger to make them more visible in the world
    - Added swarm of flies around hazardous bushes to warn players

    0.7.6 Hovercrafts
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Physics Improvement

    • Fixed the recent troubles with suspensions (when removing them, splitting a grid, etc.)
    • Improved physics calculations, hoping to further eliminate the nasty shaking
    • Reintroduced tutorial for Buildvision and wheels (merged into a single vehicle tutorial, F5)
    • Alt + click collapses/expands all containers
    • Fixed a crash after quitting to main menu from sleep
    • Hides “Press E to Use” when a radial menu is open
    • “Divided” wheel sounds by offsetting the sound of wheels to each other

    0.7.5 More Wheel Juice, Achievements and Chinese

    • A wider Mk2 rounded cockpit makes it to the game for symmetrical vehicles
    • Improved third person camera for vehicles - should behave more naturally now
    • Added Chinese localization
    • A pack of achievements have been added for the achievers
    • Fixed a low resolution of Suit and Jetpack icons
    • Fixed a bug that caused aggressive flora projectiles to stay in a scene and clutter up RAM
    • The multitool animation for equip/hide now much shorter
    • Increased powed and speed for the big wheels
    • Tutorial hints now no longer blink while sleeping
    • Fixed multitool and weapon bug which occured when pressing Reload multiple times while reloading - it no longer consumes multiple Batteries

    0.7.4 Mobile Base Wheels

    - Added large wheels for huge trucks and mobile fortresses
    - Added large suspensions for the mobile base wheels
    - Improved model and symmetrical texture for the terrain wheel
    - Fixed crosshair progress bar not working properly when continuously destroying world objects
    - Accessing blocks with the E key now works instantly (previously required holding the key, sometimes resulting in not opening at all)
    - Decreased rate of heavy rain in some biomes
    - Fixed duplicate entry for Manacourt logs
    - Changed order of blocks in Building Blocks Catalog to be in line with their order in the Tech Tree

    0.7.3 New Vehicle Options

    - Symmetrical cockpit has arrived (3 blocks wide)
    - Added torque transmission to wheels - pick between speed or power to move in difficult terrain
    - Remember last item equipped when hitting LMB (it can be either the gun or the tool)
    - Fixed bug where it was possible for player to drown outside of water
    - Added components to some wreck blocks - you can acquire them by deconstructing them
    - Fixed/added a few localization strings missing
    - Italian language is now officially supported, all thanks to Armignacco László from the community
    - Animals no longer move vehicles that much
    - Animals take more damage upon impact
    - Added outline around GUI for better readability
    - Decreased price for rover wheel and battery rack
    - Vehicles now pack more punch when hitting a tree

    0.7.2 Power to the People

    - Symmetrical cockpit has arrived (3 blocks wide)
    - Added torque transmission to wheels - pick between speed or power to move in difficult terrain
    - Remember last item equipped when hitting LMB (it can be either the gun or the tool)
    - Fixed bug where it was possible for player to drown outside of water
    - Added components to some wreck blocks - you can acquire them by deconstructing them
    - Fixed/added a few localization strings missing
    - Italian language is now officially supported, all thanks to Armignacco László from the community
    - Animals no longer move vehicles that much
    - Animals take more damage upon impact
    - Added outline around GUI for better readability
    - Decreased price for rover wheel and battery rack

    0.7.1 Fixes and Lighter Blocks

    - New updated texture for Armor blocks
    - Increased amount of meat in animal loot
    - Increased required amount of Items to craft Super Food
    - Globally decreased mass of all blocks. Improving vehicle behavior
    - Added missing SFX to buttons in workbenches
    - Added visual effect when a new wreck appears on your compass
    - Added notification pop up when you discover a new crash site
    - Increased difficulty in Lava, Desert and Arctic biomes
    - Significantly increased damage output to trees from Multitool
    - Significantly increased loot of Biomass Container from trees
    - Fixed Tropical biome bug where it wouldn't regenerate suit energy and other attributes
    - Immunity and Temperature shield now regenerates much faster in all biomes
    - Rain and Heavy rain now affects Immunity and Temperature Shield much more than before
    - Poisonous plants are now more dangerous if you get hit by their effects or projectiles
    - Fixed some trees that suddenly changed textures when cut down
    - Fixed dynamic obstacle calculation for animals resulting in better pathfinding around player-made objects
    - Increased max stack on Items from 70 to 90
    - Fixed various crashes introduced in 0.7
    - Fixed Radial Menu not working in some instances
    - Added hints for the Datapad/Encyclopedia - Press J to bring it up.
    - Crash-sites will now spawn in worlds from continued/converted saves (sorry for overlooking this!)

    0.7 Awakening

    - Significantly increased speed of terrain generation - it shouldn't be possible to move faster than the terrain generates
    - Removed holes from the terrain for better driving
    - Caves removed from terrain generation to speed the generation up
    - Added brand new biome, Temperate Plains
    - Animal AI reworked so animals behave more naturally now
    - Added various specimen of each species (alpha male, female, younglings)
    - Added climate-based animal textures
    - Animals bleed and show wounds when attacked
    - Animals often live in packs, each one taking a different role (hunter, guardian, etc.)
    - Wrecks, old bases and other man-made structures are scattered across the planet
    - Added Datapad with information on Blocks, Items and Animals
    - Added two story lines from astronauts previously present on the very same planet you are on
    - Added intro when starting a new game, right before the crash landing
    - Added new music track
    - Added experimental localizations (German and Dutch) Dutch is nearly finished, big thanks to Ben and Coen!
    - Added Hazard plants - they are able to attack and harm you if you don't pay attention
    - Fixed assault rifle tutorial that could sometimes stay hanging
    - Added old saved games conversions into new ones. This was neccessary with the planet generation change, this way at least materials from old saves is preserved for you
    - Added wreck beacons that show on the compass when you are near wrecks
    - Fixed a lighting bug where water behaved incorrectly when lit by flashlight and lights
    - Stasis Chamber now regenerates more food and water
    - Increased damage of the rifle
    - Decreased size of the planet to make biome changes more dynamic
    - Purified water now requires carbon instead of herb BuildVision Improvements

    - Improving readability of Extended BuildVision by adding transparency to Icons by distance
    - Radial Menu is now always displayed on top of other GUI elements
    - Removed the clicking sound when 3D Printer crafts an Item
    - Fixed the bug in Key Bindings where the key was changed without user confirmation
    - Optimized animal path-checking for dynamic obstacles (potential FPS improvements) Introducing Round Shapes

    - Added three new round-shaped blocks
    - Rebalanced costs of basic blocks
    - Optimized saving time of additional block types. If you still experience long saving times, please send your saves for analysis
    - Fixed generators remaining energy not displaying correctly over 24 hours
    - Rocks with metallic veins now have small crystals on them to stand out from non-metallic rocks
    - Winch rope length increased from 20 to 40 meters
    - Winch now comes sooner in Tech Tree
    - Turned off autosaving on Sleeping Bag
    - Improved exiting from the like of Stasis Chambers and Cockpits Pull Your Car Out of Trouble

    - Added Winch and Shackle blocks to pull vehicles out of holes using rope. Attachable to any blocks. Use with care. (Rope graphics WIP)
    - Significantly decreased night length - night is now almost four times faster than before while the day speed stays the same
    - Decreased length of sleep from twelve to eight hours to correspond with the change above
    - Rain and Heavy rain particles are denser than ever before
    - Extended tutorial with tips about equipping weapons (It´s the Q button.)
    - Equip weapon is now custom-key bindable in Options
    - Slightly decreased rate of Attributes degeneration
    - Increased multitool power - it now drills rocks, cuts trees and welds blocks faster, resulting in less grindy crafting and building
    - Soundtrack update - no longer one track for each biome. Instead music tracks have been divided into tiers corresponding with biome difficulty levels. In other words - a richer music experience

    0.6.10 Defend Yourself, Craft a Rifle

    - Added personal defense rifle - can be crafted in Medium Armory
    - Pressing >> in workbenches/production blocks while holding Shift adds 100x items to the craft queue; holding Ctrl adds 10x items
    - Holding Ctrl while moving an item stack will only take 10 items from the stack
    - Added Medium Medbay - big brother of its smaller predeccessor, with two conveyor slots
    - Added sounds for connecting and disconnecting electricity
    - Adjusted volume for GUI sounds
    - Adjusted volume for Namiku and Nossal (animals)
    - Decreased Multitool's damage output to animals (you have a rifle now)
    - Hotbars can now be custom assigned in Key Bindings (looking at you azerty users)
    - Slightly tuned camera effects
    - Autosave frequency settings in Options

    0.6.9 Holiday Quickie

    • Added Medium Armory - bigger, more effective than Compact Armory equipped with two Conveyor slots
    • Added Oxygen Tank for underwater breathing - can be created in Armories
    • Fixed a problem which could sometimes place a wrong texture on Medium FAD Machine
    • Leveled out sound volumes on some blocks

    0.6.8 Hotfix

    Fixed spawning in space, dense fog, instant attributes drops, unable to mine with multitool and escape pod buried in ground by forcing the game to start in English localization.

    0.6.7 Hotfix

    • Refinery block has been added to tech tree
    • Significantly increased lifetime of all fuels
    • ALM is now available in 3D Printer for crafting
    • When 3D Printers and other workbenches fill their inventory space to the maximum they stop working and remain that way even after space is made. This no longer happens
    • Wheels now require less energy to run
    • Increased inventory space of Printers
    • Large Green House now requires less energy to run
    • Emergency 3D Printer now has Extended Build Vision
    • Now it's not possible to put into generators items other than Fuel
    • Putting items into Mining Machine is not possible now
    • Renamed Battery block to Battery Rack and it's description to better communicate it's purpose
    • Resolved problem where Printers can duplicate items on rare occasions
    • Extended Build Vision graphics has been slightly decreased in size
    • Sleeping bag has been added to Medium 3D Printer
    • Fixed a possible cause for inverted fog and depleting attribute values (if this problem persists, please let us know)

    0.6.6 Let's You Better Plan Your Production

    - Added Large Greenhouse - more effective than its smaller version and coming with conveyor ports
    - Introducing extended BuildVision - you can now see the progress of printers, container space, energy distribution and much more just by looking at those blocks
    - Automated Crafting - crafting now doesn't require resources upfront. This allows you to create queues of items you want to print and supply resources gradually as you get them
    - Number of production queue stacks increased from 70 to 999
    - For players with old saves - if you have any Items in queue in Printers they will cancel and leave resources in inventory/back up box on ground (necessary to change how Printers work)
    - Updated tutorial to teach how new Printers work
    - Generators now require fuel to run and supply energy
    (may need further balancing, let us know how you feel about current consumption rates)
    - Optimized container GUI performance that could freeze the game if multiple containers were stacked together
    - Suit Battery has been changed to Battery Cell and is now used to fuel the Battery block. It can also be found in 3D Printer now
    - Refinery can now be connected via Conveyors
    - Changed a generation noise for ground veins spawning - this should allow you to find previously un-mineable resources (like Titanium)
    - Crouch has been set to left control (previously was on both control keys which caused issue for some players)
    - Mining machine weight(lessness) fixed

    0.6.5 - Automation in Motion

    - Automatic mining machine - a late-game block that does the mining for you
    - Double clicking on an item in 3D printer now adds one item to the queue
    - Fixed dispenser mystically working at 400 meters
    - It rains a lot less on the planets
    - It doesn't get that dark during rains
    - Negative conditions have lesser effect on health, making survival more balanced

    0.6.4 - Taking the Pain Away

    - FOV Slider is in! Change FOV separately for the 1st and 3rd person
    - Key Bindings available - Customize your controls as you see fit
    - Basic controller support added (doesn't work in menus and inventories)
    - Item Dispenser added - automatically distributes items from containers and 3D Printers for seamless building
    - Manual Save/Load in Survival - to allow another way to recover vehicles until we fix the underlying issues
    - Multitool Battery can now be crafted in Medium 3D Printer
    - BuildVision On/Off effect temporarily changed to increase performance (improved version coming back soon)
    - Icons of Flashlight and BuildVision updated
    - Sleeping Bag improved - while not at the level of Stasis Chamber it finally provides solid protection against weather and environmental hazards
    - Saving the game is now less performance demanding (will be further improved in the next update)
    - Medium FAD Machine bright material fixed
    - Slightly decreased degeneration of player attributes in starting biomes
    - Fixed tutorial getting stuck on the Basic Frame crafting step
    - Fixed Solar Beacon not working after clicking on Disconnect Electricity (which was removed entirely, because solar power)
    - Fixed emissive lights on blocks not turning off after being disconnected
    - Generator sound volume lowered
    - Stasis Chamber now plays a sound upon entering/exiting
    - Multitool sound under water tweaked

    0.6.3 - It’s All About the Physics

    - Added new building block: Hinge - two plates connected via joint
    - Added new building block: Rotating Plate - two plates connected via bearing
    - No more vehicles flying into space - not even the complex ones
    (If you still manage to get yours flying, send us the save so we can further improve the physics behind this.)
    - Added Medium FAD Machine - a bigger version of the FAD Machine with bigger queue, inventory, faster creation and two conveyor ports
    - Added new building block: Wall with conveyor ports - you can connect inside and outside containers and machines
    - The suit now has a built-in voiced AI that provides information about the state of your well or not-so-well being
    - Reworked the bright underwater fog
    - Workbeneches now combine the same items in queue into a single stack
    - You can now split any item stack into halves with Alt + drag & drop (Provisional solution)
    - Fixed generator overload causing the whole energy grid to go down
    - Build Vision GUI now working properly on 4K screens
    - Plants and trees polished with emissive textures - they glow at night making it a little less scary
    - Increased effectivity of the Medium 3D Printer

    Early Access 0.6.2

    - Transmission slightly reworked
    - Wheel traction improved a lot
    - Vehicles had brakes installed (try and go backward)
    - Vehicle searchlights found their way to Survival
    - Speedometer added in the bottom right corner
    - Animals have been added to Creative mode
    - Sleeping now wakes you up if any attribute is below 30
    - Sleeping now asks if you want to sleep if any attribute is below 30
    (there are other attributes beside the basic ones, visible on the character screen)
    - Rain and wind sound effect volume lowered
    - Icons of Attributes and Conditions made clearer
    - Icons quality, no more jagged edges
    - Containers no longer connect together if they are built on top of other
    (which could potentially corrupt your saves)
    - Multitool digging revisited - primary mode (LMB is good for mining and finer sculpting. Secondary mode (RMB) costs less energy and takes out bigger chunks, but destroys resources.
    - Multitool now displays a reticle that highlights the area affected
    - Multitool no longer fires instantly, but takes a split second to power up, resulting in less unwanted holes (further changes of tools and weapons in general to be expected)
    - Added new loading tips that better explain major game mechanics
    - Fixed a bug where electric power lines could potentially corrupt saves
    - Texture of lootable iron rock changed
    - Camera effects and weather effects improved (looking at you blue haze)
    - Fixed a bug that prevented leaving the game into menu/OS upon dying

    Early Access 0.6.1

    - Rebalanced survival to be more forgiving in the beginning
    - Increased amount of starting food and drinks
    - Character's movement is less Stamina demanding
    - Multitool Batteries now cheaper to make
    - Added a feature that wakes up the character if any attribute falls below 30 (also prevents sleeping if any attribute is below 30)
    - Added more interesting loot to animal nests
    - Fixed the bug where unfinished block could potentially ruin saved games
    - Added more sound effects to blocks and environment in general
    - Camera shake has been turned off until it becomes a selection in options in one of the upcoming updates
    - Updated ore icons to be more recognizable
    - Added FOV change for vehicles when speeding
    - Fixed lens flare popping through blocks
    - Tutorial can now be turned on and off in options
    - Fixed a bug causing sleeping bag to constantly increase character's stamina
    - Rename function should now function properly
    - Fixed the block shader where it was possible to look through water bodies
    - Tutorial hints proofread and corrected
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    0.6.4 up now.
    "Well, I thought. This is how the world works. All energy flows according to the whims of the Great Magnet. What a fool I was to defy him."
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    0.6.5 with an automated mining machine.
    "Well, I thought. This is how the world works. All energy flows according to the whims of the Great Magnet. What a fool I was to defy him."
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    Bringing the automation to the full cycle. 0.6.6 out now.
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    Arm yourselves to the teeth. PWR is up in 0.6.10.
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