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Thread: Suggestion: Additional tools

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    Suggestion: Additional tools

    During play I found two things I wanted to make:

    1. A resource scanner. This could be made as a radar gun like tool so you can point it around and get an idea about the amount of resources in a certain direction. This is especially useful for mining stuff from the ground, which is now a bit of gamble. It also fits nicely into the kind of technology that you are creating in this game.

    2. A mover. After building, you often want to move stuff around a bit. This is especially true for stuff like generators, printers, greenhouse, etc. Maybe a tool that can be built to lift and move those things to other places. If you feel really adventurous, you could also use it to pick up pieces you broke of a main structure and reattach it somewhere. It could also help if you get your vehicle hopelessly stuck.

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    I like your suggestions!

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