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Thread: [Med Priority] Camera moving into game objects and terrain mesh

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    [Med Priority] Camera moving into game objects and terrain mesh

    Game Version: all, up to 0.5.6
    OS: Windows 10
    Simple Description: Camera moving into game objects and terrain mesh
    Detailed Description:

    I noticed right from the first survival release that the camera often goes into objects and terrain when we move close to them. This can happen with trees, base blocks, and terrain, and I guess also with rocks. It can often happen while mining, since digging can easily create overhangs at head level.

    Peeking into the terrain mesh is the worst, I think, because everything is visible from the underneath, including trees, grass and rocks; plus caves, and the water everywhere.

    I'm wondering if it's planned to fix this before the launch. I'd think it can make a bad impression on players.

    Reproducibility: Always/Very often

    How to Reproduce:

    1. Move close to an object, which can be, for example:
      • Tree - Trees often aren't perfectly vertical, but lean to one side; try that side
      • Terrain - Where there is an overhand at head level; e.g. dig a hole

    2. When you are touching the object, keep pressing W to play the "walking" animation.
    3. You'll see that the camera enters the object, and you can see through it. Sometimes happens only while you keep pressing W (because of the camera movement caused by the walking animation), but often it's enough if you simply walk up to an object until you touch it.

    Additional info:

    Tree - they often contain another tree, btw (maybe another LOD version?):


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    I also experienced that it is possible to walk through some herb bushes (I haven't tried all kinds). They can be gathered, but they are not blocking objects.

    Might be related to this issue?

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