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Thread: Feedback on 5.6

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    Feedback on 5.6

    A lot better than my last experience.

    Water appeared closer to me when I started down from my mountain-range start due to some tweak with tunnel generation I think. If restarting a game like this, my first move will be to scout for level ground, lower down from the ridge I started on, nearest to a pair of food plants, ideally near water, but at least lower down where I can dig downward for water access. But with fruitage being RNG, I still died. At least this time it was from the full combination of weather, cold night, animal attack, and not enough food. I could have fought it a bit more and gone into VERY tedious bio-paste gather/manufacture/eating to avoid death, but I let it happen to have a free container next to my base. Take that for what it is worth on the gameplay.

    I progressed further and had more fun, got attacked by cows, and built my biggest base in a starting session so far.

    I'd say that being able to eventually automate, to some degree, food-growing, meat-production, and water collection/purification would be nice. Not sure what the plans are. Just saying. The early game dependency on possibly needing to use bio-paste is incredibly tedious. Prefer to just die at the base and continue.

    It's still seems sluggish at medium res and medium/low graphics settings on my GTX760. Not sure if that is quite at the level of performance you want to hit or not.

    Other than poke-through of grass sprite at beginning of the landing-pod sequence, I don't recall an out-right bug. I still don't like that when building with large blocks is pretty cumbersome. Not sure if that can be improved. It seemed like large pieces were easier to use in the first alpha. Maybe I'm mis-remembering.

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    hi i must notice that the iron its mor difficult to found instead carbon that i have stock in a big container and its full (over 1000 pieces), i suggest to rebalance the iron found frequency because its prime necessary materials. for the rest of all team have made great works...
    @jaycephus i have i7 32mb of ram and gtx640 but i haven't nay type of fps issue only heavy clipping effects but nothing noise at all.

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    Things are looking better indeed. It's still a lot of work to build a good base and get yourself moving, but I actually feel like I have the opportunity now.

    Odd that iron now had to come completely from rocks. But there were plenty of them.

    Anyway, the rough edges are gone now. Not sure it's going to be enough to keep the Steam crowd happy though, but hopefully things get better and better quick.

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