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Thread: Resource Acquisition List

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    Resource Acquisition List


    Currently resources that are acquired are notified via a list-like function in the upper right hand of the screen. This list can 'lag' when tremendous amounts of resources are acquired, often updating long after you've started walking on again.

    I would consider changing it to something that lists a unique item per line, then iterates on the quantity of material of that line, rather than listing each individual cycle.

    So, if I mined 2x Iron and 2x Carbon per cycle on a rock, that had 4 cycles, it appears like this currently:

    2x Iron
    2x Carbon
    2x Iron
    2x Carbon
    2x Iron
    2x Carbon
    2x Iron
    2x Carbon

    The suggested change would be like this:

    2x Iron ->4x Iron ->6x Iron ->8x Iron
    2x Carbon ->4x Carbon ->6x Carbon ->8x Carbon

    where the same line is the quantity being iterated in place. I believe this to smooth out the resource acquiring system a bit.

    Edit; I'm an idiot, meant to put this in the alpha feedback sub forum.
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