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Thread: [FIXED] multitool unusable when battery is empty

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    [FIXED] multitool unusable when battery is empty

    Game Version: 0.5.6
    OS: Linux
    Simple Description: when the multitool battery is drained, the tool becomes unusable
    Detailed Description:
    After you charge the multitool MK1, it can be used for some work, but when the battery is depleted the multitool does not fall back to suit battery.
    Can be fixed by entering the escape pod.
    Doesn't seem to happen with the Mk2.

    Reproducibility: Every time
    How to Reproduce: Charge the multitool R. Use it until the battery is done.
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    Yes, I noticed this too, actually in the previous version. The only thing I found so far that helps is if I put the tool away (by pressing H), and then taking it out again.

    Edit: I started a new game in the updated version (0.5.6), and now it shows the "Multitool battery depleted" popup in the top right corner, and the multitool correctly switches to suit power. So maybe this is already fixed, but needs new saves? Or only happens sometimes?
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    Fix coming in the patch next week.
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