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Thread: [ACKNOWLEDGED] Weather sounds not abating/glitchy in building

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    [ACKNOWLEDGED] Weather sounds not abating/glitchy in building

    Game Version: 0.5.4
    OS: Windows 7 64 bit
    Simple Description: Storm/weather sounds don't abate and are glitchy in a building.
    Detailed Description: I built a two story building and in a storm I went inside closed all exits. The weather sounds did not abate. At one point in the building all the storm sounds vanished. When I moved off the spot they appeared again. I saw the sound issue mentioned in a follow up post on the rain in the building bug, but this issue wasn't raised separately.
    Reproducibility: Every time
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    Yeah well, this will be a long journey.... the way this system works (whether it's light, sounds, etc.) is that it sends rays all around the player trying to figure out whether they are in an enclosed enviro or not (because how else in the game of blocks) and occasionally, sometimes more often than desired, the system doesn't detect this correctly.
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