Quick background, I haven't played since the initial "construction demo", so most everything in survival was new to me. Running on a 4790K, 16GB Ram, 970GTX. I know my bad list is longer than the good, but I really had a good time playing the game. I'm just trying to give as much feedback as possible.

The Good:
  • The Biomes are all amazing. I ran through in creative mode just to look at everything, and they all feel really good and natural. I was particularly impressed with the desert with it's salt-flats and canyons/dried up riverbeds
  • The gameplay progression loop is solid. I felt like I was making decent progress with unlocking the new blueprints at a fairly steady rate. It provided something to work towards, and gave me new capabilities as I finished each one.
  • The diversity of flora and fauna are really neat. I enjoyed going out just to explore and see the new creatures and plants to be found.
  • The way mineral veins are visible while digging is really nice. The glow they have at night is a little odd, but I wouldn't change it, since being able to identify where minerals are is very important.
  • The alien items (purple stonehenge, huge seed pods, tree... thing) are well spaced out, and provide a good way of allowing for "treasure" to be found. Only weird thing is that they drop meat? I'm not complaining since I wouldn't be able to get meat any other way, but it does seem odd.
  • I really like the idea of a greenhouse, so that you can wean yourself off being a lowly hunter/gatherer. Only change I would make is the ability to produce seeds (put in biomass, 3 seeds, get 12 seeds back) so that you can truly become independent. From what I saw in the tundra, something like this would be necessary.
  • Vehicle building/control. Your interface for setting up wheels and their direction and turning is all very intuitive and easy to manage for how complex the system can be. I was really impressed at how quickly I was able to implement how I wanted my vehicle to work.

The Bad/Ugly:
  • There is some pretty major pop-in of plants and trees, and even ground geometry. Framerate remained solid, so I suspect there may be some optimizations that still need to be completed.
  • Early game inventory management. Between food, raw minerals, and building materials (frames/plating/etc) it's really hard to keep this all fit in your inventory and still build things. I dropped some things on the ground, but actually had them disappear. Adding the small container to be one of the first/early blueprint unlocks would help with this greatly.
  • Creature AI and interaction is a little weak. There appears to be a hard cutoff where if you run away, they immediately stop and forget you ever existed. Perhaps the addition of an "on guard" status would help. Also, running away seems to be the only decent way of dealing with animals. Maybe with the addition of actual weapons it would be better, but the mining tool is too weak for actually attempting to get meat. Lastly the "cows" are surprisingly aggressive.
  • Can't dive under the water. I built a vehicle and quickly got it stuck near a deep pit. Trying to get it un-stuck, I built a platform beneath it. This catapulted my vehicle up into the air(lol game physics), and it landed in this deep pool of water. I could not recover it because I could not swim down to the vehicle.
  • Vehicle transportation. I made a small "car" and tried to drive it around, but the number of small caverns/pits in the temperate zone made it really inefficient. I got it stuck on my first short expedition and had to walk back after losing it. Unfortunately, I don't know of a good way to fix this without losing the great variety you have in your biomes. I definitely hope you've got some air vehicles in the future plans cause that'd be sweet.
  • Stasis pod ejection through walls. I placed my stasis pod along the wall of my base so that the conduit on the pod was closest to the wall. When exiting the pod, I ended up outside my base on the other side of the wall. Props for not getting me stuck permanently in the wall, but perhaps it should place you where you were when you first entered the pod.
  • Sleeping needs more info. When you sleep, framerate gets choppy, but that's the only indication you get of being "asleep". Something like a fade-to-black or a progress bar or even a clock (please let us build a clock to see in-game time!) to have a more explicit idea of when we are and aren't sleeping. I'd also like to adjust the time to sleep so that I'm not stuck working/exploring in the middle of the night.
  • UI is nice and clean and matches the future aesthetic, but when I'm in my well lit base that's all white I can't read or see my UI. I mostly run into this while looking at my food/water stash and trying to figure out what to eat and drink, but I can't see my vitals against the white walls of my base.
  • I never figured out how the conveyor worked or what it was supposed to do. Might need a help tab for it.
  • Small ledges block movement. When I first built my base, there was a good 10-15cm step up onto the floor. I didn't mind jumping to get in as that made sense. Once I unlocked the ramp (which is oddly late in the unlock process), I added a ramp to the door taking the step down to 1-2cm to the ground. I still had to jump to get on the ramp which seemed a little excessive.
  • Biomass. I'm not sure how I feel about biomass. On one hand, it's really easy to gather, but on the other hand parts use so much. I probably went out to gather biomass during a build-session more often than any other raw material. Trees take a pretty long time to harvest, perhaps have them give (significantly) more biomass?
  • I assume this is in the works, but is there a "win condition"? Say gather enough materials to build a spaceship/rocket to escape your stranded situation? After I unlocked everything I quickly ran out of things to do since I couldn't explore well on a land vehicle, and I cant get far on foot from my base. I'm sure you have more planned for the late game, but I did want to mention it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my feedback, I'm looking forward to how the game progresses!