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Thread: Nomadic Journals #11 On the Latest Patch - Survival Changes and Optimizations

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    Nomadic Journals #11 On the Latest Patch - Survival Changes and Optimizations

    Hello Nomads!

    It is time for new Nomadic Journals. These ones are pretty short and straightforward as everyone is working around the clock to have the best possible version of Planet Nomads on 25th May when we launch.

    Nomadic Journals #11 on the New Patch

    Optimized, Less Grindy, More Challenging

    Today's patch focused on balancing survival based on your feedback, Nomads. Survival mode is now less grindy, as blocks and items need less material, mining is faster and the size of stacks increased from 50 to 70. At the same time, it is now more challenging to survive as weather affects your well-being, there's less food and more traveling is needed. You are on an unknown planet after all, and your survival shouldn’t be a walk in the park.

    Here's a complete list of changes on Steam or in our forum's thread.

    We now have roughly two more weeks of work ahead, during which we will a) collect feedback on the latest update from you and further balance the survival for the better; b) we’ll keep optimizing; and c) make it more immersive with even more new sounds and particles. We’ll also make PN more accessible for new players with tutorial hints.

    Game Access 2017

    At this moment we've packed a company computer and the big Nomad roll-up and are heading to showcase the newest Planet Nomads update at the Indie Expo in Brno. Daniel will be giving a talk about work at Craneballs and how Planet Nomads has been the most amazing thing that has happened to us so far.

    That’s about it. 25th May is the new and final Early Access release date and Planet Nomads will be launching on Steam and GOG on 25th May.

    In two weeks, we’re going to have more news on the development for you. For now, enjoy the new update and let us know your impressions on the alpha forum.

    Take care, Nomads!

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    Dam them grow pods look cool,

    im exited again cant wait. c-mon my steam updates
    Wazbat say's "Oh Nomad Dave isn't affiliated with Planet Nomads or Craneballs" witch is very true all I have is the game

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