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  1. Your ideas for making PN better
  2. Connected SP Worlds
  3. Global Threats - singleplayer end game content suggestion
  4. Guns - A little more
  5. Unity...
  6. How i took soo long to find this game
  7. Size of construction voxel grid
  8. Pure voxel construction vs. hybrid vertex-edge-face
  9. a few big suggestions
  10. Power Economy: For Glorious Evolution
  11. A fun thing to have in planet nomads (most perfect thing)
  12. Social sharing drives adoption
  13. Automaton Creation & Resource Map
  14. Some pitfalls to avoid & what I'd like to see
  15. Matter in Physical functions
  16. A little thing that bugged me during the trailer...
  17. Oxygen, pressurization, coding, UIs
  18. Things that make our world work IRL...
  19. Turrets, Nature's Automated Evolution Assistants
  20. VirtuaBase; or how I learned to love Holograms
  21. Resources Economy ideas
  22. Block editing suggestions
  23. AutoFactory; or how Skynet took over my base
  24. Gimbal Lock
  25. Explosives, Missiles and All Things that go Boom!
  26. Rail Gun & other systems
  27. Seperate objects & varieties
  28. Weather effects & terrain
  29. Controller/gampad support and creative & peacefull mode
  30. Drones, both Ground and Air as well as Space
  31. Suggestions In One Thread
  32. General Creature/Mob/NPC Suggestion Area
  33. Few Ideas - most games don't realise these
  34. Nice variety of furniture and other decorative blocks,.
  35. Data Crystals
  36. Support Non-node-based Programmable Blocks
  37. Inventory Size
  38. Link forum login to Steam
  39. Graphics option
  40. A couple of editor suggestions
  41. Suggestion: Modes of gameplay to appeal to wider audience
  42. Multiple gamesaves and split screen
  43. Gas planets and building
  44. Idea - Orbital Space Stations
  45. Aerodynamics?
  46. The Block for Block Issue, a case for Micro Blocking!
  47. Wrecks, Ruins, and Salvage
  48. Oxygen and Space Suits
  49. Idea's for moderated games / different starting options.
  50. A Grand List of Suggestions :D
  51. Terrain Verticality.
  52. NPCs, settlements and companions
  53. Really scary weather
  54. Snap to grid.
  55. Suggstion for new pay method on the Planet nomads side
  56. Cargo
  57. Ramps
  58. Giant doors and repair bays
  59. Saving design of small / big parts for reuse as templates.
  60. Progression
  61. Make flight hard
  62. Why we are here: Coming up with a story
  63. HTML5 embedded video instead of Flash on front page?
  64. Xbox one
  65. Broken helmet
  66. Reasons to explore:
  67. Aquatic Gameplay?
  68. Legendary Creatures
  69. Docking rings
  70. Block textures.
  71. Invert mouse please?
  72. Tunnel digging tools
  73. Reassigning Command keys.
  74. Will there be Painting tools?
  75. Mirror Mode
  76. Adventure Mode
  77. We've got explosives!
  78. Creature behavior enhancements.
  79. Intelligent alien life
  80. [Spoiler] Vehicle automation
  81. Dark Aggressive Planets
  82. what we can lern from the fails of Minecraft
  83. Shields and How they should work!
  84. Referral System for new players
  85. Robots
  86. Modular Weapons, Personal and Static.
  87. Hotas support
  88. Suggestion about the story [Possible Spoilers]
  89. idea for space travel
  90. Walkers in a simple way
  91. Skills, Perks, Traders, Tiers (For Gear and Weapons)
  92. a new ailen life form idea
  93. FOV slider
  94. Please include TrackIR support
  95. Disable game when lost focus
  96. Build mode for creative IDEA
  97. Adjustable Force.
  98. Powerfull Generators
  99. suggestion for expediting the process of powering items
  100. A list of 11 ideas I've had while playing this gem of an alpha
  101. Ore Processing: The Wonders of Chemicals and Black Magic
  102. GamePlay Suggestions
  103. Wheels/steering Fine tune adjustment
  104. Keep it offline in the future as well.
  105. Horizon line at the compass
  106. Power Generation and Transportation
  107. Because I wish PN to be a real success on Linux
  108. Option to switching day and night off.
  109. Connecting moving parts and locking them
  110. Suggestion: Add the ability to place multiple blocks
  111. Just a couple things I've noticed that may need a look into.
  112. Block Building
  113. Additional Block Shapes
  114. Error in the pre-order page.
  115. Cloud Improvements
  116. 3d Printing support
  117. Activator key for block deletion
  118. Decay, food and equipment failures
  119. How I would make a Survival Game
  120. My Suggestions
  121. Fly mode
  122. PN Website Redesign
  123. PLEASE for the UPDATE 0.3.3!
  124. Are powered rotors, and pistons in the plan?
  125. Water Control
  126. Did you consider making the game less sci-fi?
  127. Offline/Online Splitscreen, Local Co-op
  128. Say no to arbitrary rules!
  129. Some Suggestions I've thought up in Survival Mode
  130. Bikes?
  131. Damage Types, Resistance, Animal Behavior
  132. A Miner Suggestion
  133. Cargo stack coherence
  134. Biome Control
  135. New building is not so bad, it just needs ONE TWEAK
  136. Swimming - not possible to dive/swim "down"
  137. Make save games more manageable - or make a command line
  138. Lights for our vehicles desperately needed :-)
  139. A suggestion for survival mode
  140. Key binding... even if just an xml file
  141. Multi-tool Checklist (What to effect and what not to effect)
  142. FAD Machine, Armory and containers
  143. Move spawn points
  144. Beacon with unlimited power source built in
  145. Switch back and forth between survival and creative.
  146. Types of energy + building concpets
  147. weapon & armor concepts
  148. Conceptual Divergence - Living up to the technologies of the game.
  149. Hoping these resource ideas win me an alpha key.....
  150. More animals
  151. Thoughts on the game
  152. Conveyor ports in interior walls for passthrough
  153. Shrink the poles and correction of creaturel distribution on the tundra.
  154. What I would like to have been implemented in the game
  155. Option for a fixed seed world when starting the game in ea release.
  156. Filtered water could/should use carbon instead of herb
  157. Resource Acquisition List
  158. Save/Load is NECESSARY in EA
  159. Suit Criticism
  160. More sound options would be appreciated
  161. Suggestion: Scuba Gear (Clear underwater fog, dive for longer in survival ect)
  162. Would be nice to have hover jack on 'base foundation' at base.
  163. small Hand Scanner
  164. experience points
  165. Power lines display
  166. auto save OFF please
  167. UI Fixes
  168. You should be able to build and 3d-print with materials out of a container....
  169. Alt-Tab should pause music / A "show FPS" option. / Stuff on the ground despawns too fast..
  170. What about Boats?
  171. Death Points
  172. More interesting mechanic of starting new base
  173. Lower the quantity of any Ressources
  174. Upside Down
  175. Pre-review discussion
  176. Item Spawning in Survival / Resources in Creative mode
  177. How about more basic block shapes?
  178. Vehicle/hud changes/additions
  179. E - like Energy
  180. Shift + left Mouse click move a stack from source to target or back
  181. Support for non 16:9 aspect ratios
  182. please delete all holes in the world
  183. A few Suggestions
  184. Running over foilage
  185. Ability to place the object in specific angle
  186. 1-Way Conveyors
  187. E - like Energy II
  188. new block request conveyor pass through, and other things
  189. "Soft" Connector for Conveyors
  190. Create and save blueprints.
  191. how about Iron, silver, aluminum, and gold plates
  192. A new forum area
  193. Rain fade out
  194. Option to make classical buildings
  195. Darker theme craftable walls etc
  196. Flatten cutting tool
  197. Ruins and temples
  198. Drone for easy pathfinding
  199. Parachute
  200. Routing conveyor
  201. Music muted when game is minimised
  202. Custom signs
  203. Sandstorms in place of rain in desert biome
  204. Wood from trees and buildable bridges
  205. Duel Monitors option/support.
  206. Allow people to open stuff in creative
  207. Mapping Device
  208. Swarming & Pack Animals
  209. Flying creatures
  210. Bigger waves in the open ocean
  211. Crashed ship salvage
  212. Winch speed / torque ramp up and down, based on rope length
  213. Different grades of Walls
  214. Bigger base door and maybee garage door ?
  215. Building blocks placement in Wide 3rd Person view
  216. Storage filters
  217. Long distance travel
  218. One word...FISH!
  219. Keybind to Hide UI?
  220. Progress bar on same harvest-able node after first harvest
  221. Harvest stacks show up as ever increasing numbers
  222. Trying to cancel crafting queues
  223. Build Vision/Electrical Vision/Storage and Crafting Vision
  224. More blocks!
  225. more ways to deselect a block
  226. Increase yield from huge trees
  227. energy transmission, ore detector, 1x1x4 armors, conveyors
  228. Sky Light
  229. Combination wheel and amphibious thought (a little crazy)
  230. Swivel lock
  231. Interior wall additions
  232. Floor and Ceiling panels with conveyor connections
  233. More information about pipeline flow
  234. Vehicle Hotbar / Toolbar
  235. Medium Container
  236. Upside down buggy problem solved easy. PS and forum bug.
  237. My ideas for the future of PN
  238. Option to remove Head Bob
  239. Teri-forming as well as digging (adding soil)
  240. Magnetic coupler
  241. The mobile base problem, and some suggestions for it
  242. Left Click draws last tool/weapon used
  243. We should be able to eat seeds;
  244. Greenhouses produce seeds
  245. Sort / Stack button in container inventory screen
  246. Where am I? Where is my map?
  247. Easy way to move resources from rover to storage ? Conveyor option ?
  248. Some suggestions
  249. Reinforced exterior wall with airtight corridor
  250. Ahhhhhh, brakes failed!