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  1. ?????? ????
  2. Cloud save and internet requirements
  3. Minor forum issues
  4. Forum spam and unsubscribe
  5. How is this game hidden so well?
  6. Planet Nomads can be a MMORPG someday???
  7. Modding integration
  8. Virtual Reality
  9. Unity3d engine
  10. Just shut up and take my money!
  11. Kickstarter Campaign Info-Mail
  12. What's your plans for gameplay once the game is released?
  13. Kickstarter Live + new footage
  14. From where did i find out about this game.
  15. Does the game have thruster damage
  16. Locomotion: Walkers?
  17. We interviewed Daniel M. of Planet Nomads
  18. AI Talks too much (trailer)
  19. First time backer long time gamer
  20. Game play Questions
  21. Now that its funded, when do the payments go through ?
  22. Developer updates. Perhaps, maybe?
  23. Registration random question.
  24. Digital copy of the game - Steam Early Access ?
  25. How is the tier displayed?
  26. Questions about solar system, orbiting mechanics, physical limitations?
  27. One question
  28. Early Access?
  29. Question about stair width
  30. Post-Kickstarter Crowd Funding
  31. Question about the status bed -- making furniture from local resources.
  32. How to get my forum badge?
  33. I've found a bug on the menu link "EDITOR"
  34. Will underground bases be feasible?
  35. Space; The Eventual - or Final - destination?
  36. How do you see this as being Different from say, Empyrion?
  37. What can we expect from fauna?
  38. Multiplayer question.
  39. Planet Nomads: physical copy?
  40. So what can I expect if I get Closed Alpha
  41. Tier Upgrade?
  42. Refund
  43. Digging limit?
  44. Just reatched the trailer, and some questions appeared
  45. Not sure if I should psot it here, but question on refund please
  46. How will ground meshing work?
  47. Aquatic Life
  48. Planet Nomads Records Department
  49. Lore & Scope questions.
  50. Updates in alpha.
  51. Slow Kickstarter Updates
  52. Alpha Version building blocks
  53. Nomadic Journals #3?????
  54. Fan Art :)
  55. Nomadic Journals #4????
  56. What happens if you break it?
  57. File Size for Alpha
  58. Bendy vehicles
  59. How to get your Alpha Forum Badge?
  60. How did Craneballs get so good?
  61. Just a quick question?
  62. Roadmap?
  63. Finding Wrecks
  64. Alpha???
  65. What are you going to build in Alpha to test it and what are you going to test.
  66. alpha date ?
  67. Is there a date for the closed alpha?
  68. early access upgade
  69. Skills?
  70. What do wires do?
  71. The Long Wait
  72. Computer types
  73. Should you get an email confirmation after preordering?
  74. 1st alpha block list
  75. Episode 4
  76. Can we load editor builds, into the alpha?
  77. If i buy Closed Alpha Nomad
  78. Will terrain fall down?
  79. Handheld Weapons
  80. System graphics requirements in relation to laptops
  81. alpha builds
  82. [Spoiler] Base/vehicles sizes
  83. how do you @people?
  84. [Spoiler] hinge blocks and rotator plates
  85. to the devs
  86. Inventory Space
  87. About difficulty, monsters, forts and mobs
  88. Question about the drill
  89. I am an Alpha NOMAD
  90. Will deffenitly follow this game
  91. closed beta survival mode
  92. Keep your vision clear
  93. Planet Nomads Giveaway
  94. will closed alpha take place threw steam
  95. A question about the game music
  96. Can i buy the Alpha after the Alpha starts ?
  97. Some Questions about the Game
  98. [SPOILER] Some Questions!
  99. Multiplayer
  100. The case for more guns in the finished game (wall of text warning)
  101. Poll: Guns, and what you want:
  102. Resistance
  103. Let's Plays Planet Normads?
  104. So are there going to be any Animals/Creatures in the closed Alpha?
  105. timer on the website wrong?
  106. Flying components / Physics
  107. Kickstarter Backing vs Preorder for Alpha?
  108. Hello from Prague :-)
  109. Creative map
  110. Payment?????
  111. Will we gain access to alpha through this site?
  112. Question on roughly what time the keys will be send out on the 25th
  113. exclusive decorative building blocks collector nomad offer
  114. email
  115. How to get alpha forum badge?
  116. Game engine/proformance question
  117. Launching the game
  118. Didn't received my key for alpha version
  119. Reciving keys on Gmail accounts
  120. Congrats on a job well done
  121. Space Stage Easter Egg
  122. I just purchased the Closed alpha after(asking) but i had EA do i wait till i get key
  123. where i get game after buy
  124. Show off - Your first build in Alpha!
  125. Early Access Alpha
  126. Refund
  127. Still waiting for my key!
  128. [Spoiler] Going to the center/core of the Alpha Planet
  129. Does anyone else's buggy seem to pull to the right?
  130. New blocks
  131. Can I Run It?
  132. So I've got a question - (because I *always* seem to find out at the end!)
  133. Having fun with the game, doing a second challenge :)
  134. I made it to space.
  135. Early Bird Preorder
  136. Should really still include $20, $40 tiers with steam EA instead of beta/alpha
  137. Any plans for more drastic terrain such as huge cliffs or random caves?
  138. What's on the table ?
  139. How is the physics engine?
  140. It's sooo bright inside. We really need something with a dark surface for our walls.
  141. Any other way to get into the alpha test?
  142. 16 wheels, 24 suspention points, 5 rotors, 16 generators ATV
  143. A few beginners Questions
  144. a set of decorative building blocks and a unique Nomad character look ??????
  145. Touching the edge of space, legit, no glitch.
  146. Space
  147. My first Planet Nomads space launch.... I think.
  148. No Mail after Preorder
  149. A Bit Lost Regarding The Kickstarter Backers "Rewards"
  150. Female/Robotic/Humanoid Player Models?
  151. Trello planet nomads ETA updat 2 (November)
  152. Languages
  153. Where's my update?
  154. Mods
  155. Base Alpha
  156. What I'd like to see in Planet Nomads (and some questions)
  157. Graphical options?
  158. Will Planet-Nomads have realistic "space" physics?
  159. Question about purchase
  160. Savegame
  161. Question about purchase
  162. GPU Graphic card minimum/recommended specs: a question from a probable future nomad!
  163. Skill Progression
  164. Guns!
  165. Steam Audio for PN dev team ?
  166. Will my rig work for this game?
  167. Will in-game scripting be supported too?
  168. What makes this game unique?
  169. Tank Tracks
  170. I didn't recieve anything after i preordered
  171. About the water
  172. Maximum speed? :P
  173. Guns?
  174. Multiplayer plans maybe or devinitiv ?
  175. Unlimited universe vs Star system
  176. So i did some blueprint drawings.....
  177. PN Survival Stream US 6pm PST
  178. I paid 9th October 2016
  179. Macbook compatiblity?
  180. Did you notice that animal types have their own "resource" that they protect?
  181. Anybody else found these crystals?
  182. Difficulty levels/types - What do you think?
  183. Been away for a long time...
  184. What is the general strategy of the game launch?
  185. New website and kickstarter backers
  186. Seeds
  187. I couldn't find this site!
  188. How to I fuel my generator?
  189. How does the power work?
  190. Xaenite, where are you?
  191. About kickstarter baker page on the PN site
  192. Carlaidus is live streaming PN
  193. CD key?
  194. Key binding should be a required feature
  195. Unlocks
  196. Nomad Dave, Hrafna, Finch, Soryn Where ya guys at?
  197. What is Planet Nomads trying to be exactly?
  198. Do suit batteries do anything right now?
  199. Can you level ground enough to drive over?
  200. Multi key backer - only received 1 key
  201. getting started S1 ep1, .cows in water and getting hurt by cows in water
  202. My trip arround Planet Nomads - Some beatifull snapshots of the game...
  203. For those of you still waiting, here's a quick overview of the game so far.....
  204. Something awesome I discovered while exploring......
  205. Strange item in my inventory
  206. The team’s communication is deteriorating
  207. Map and water find (mapa a hledání vody)
  208. Seeding
  209. Multiplayer
  210. New life at Planet Nomads!
  211. Congrats on the release!
  212. Finally DONE IT mobile base that can even drive underwater (back in love with the game)
  213. Audio Clicking While Recording
  214. Vehicle handling video
  215. Wow cool i love my base with swimming pool, but here are some bugs, ideas, wishes and dreams
  216. Ingenious Spotlight - Get Featured in Nomadic Journals
  217. Failing to understand the simplest of tasks (New Planet Nomads YT Series)
  218. New player, update frequency question!
  219. What will be the compelling gameplay that keeps us all playing?
  220. New channel for Planet Nomad. Let me know what you think
  221. Where are the ore veins and how do you find them
  222. Newby Questions!
  223. My game language turned into Dutch...
  224. Virtual Reality (VR) - profile now added to vorpX
  225. How To - Backup save files
  226. PNSE - the Planet Nomads Savegame Editor
  227. Price difference
  228. Conveyors Question
  229. Gamepedia Wiki hard to read due to theme
  230. Constant frame lag - is it just my computer?
  231. Taxonomy: Plant and animal names
  232. new terrain generation
  233. How do I keep up a reliable supply of food and drinkable water?
  234. How do I find my vehicle?
  235. Why does the cursor keep jumping around when trying to write in these forums?
  236. Do you want players to add and extend wiki articles?
  237. Cannot get on back of vehicle
  238. Ultimate Goal Question
  239. Beacons and teleport
  240. How do I make the vehicle more powerful and better traction?
  241. you lift me up :)
  242. how big is the ocean?
  243. Cannot sleep
  244. Show us your Base(s)!
  245. Creating the space ship - HOW TO
  246. My test results:
  247. Xaenite location with latest release
  248. Selfie picture with a stick
  249. I’m wondering what the new plants will produce?
  250. What will the seeds be for the new and old starting Biomes?