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  1. Opening the forums for Advisors
  2. Read Before You Join In
  3. That First In-Engine Footage [Day/Night Cycle]
  4. CONTEST: Design the Escape Pod to Star in the Official Announcement Video
  5. Base Building Competition - Win Physical Add-Ons from Kickstarter
  6. Closed Alpha Milestone Set: Here's what to expect
  7. PN Development on Trello - Features past, present and future
  8. We'll Be Showing a Playable Build In Public For The First Time
  9. Game Access Report People's Choice award and Best Graphics nomination
  10. Useful links
  11. Nomadic Journals #1 - VLOG on new biomes, animals and digging
  12. First jetpack model, music track & unite amsterdam
  13. Nomadic Journals #2 - Vlog on main character, jetpack, biome blending and particle...
  14. Let's make closed-alpha game mechanics fun and add some flair too
  15. Nomadic Journals EP. #3 Weather, Build Vision... Alpha Feats
  16. Alpha Release Date and System Requirements
  17. How's the alpha planet going to look like? Procedural generation revisited
  18. Nomadic Journals #4 - Working & Reworking - 7 Days to Alpha
  19. 6 Days of Alpha. What we learned so far
  20. Planet Nomads Alpha Patch Notes
  21. Building Revolution, Crafting, Story Taking in Alpha Feedback
  22. Nomadic Journals Ep. #5 Alpha Nomads at Work
  23. Between heaven and earth. Internal reworks and external polishes
  24. Kickstarter Wreck Designers - How to Submit Your Design
  25. Nomadic Journals #6 - Pavel on Physics, Hovercrafts and Thrusters
  26. New camera effects from unity 5.4.2 look fantastic, update info, gdc and cc wrap-up
  27. Nomadic Journals #7 Alpha update is out, graphics overhaul is spectacular
  28. You've made 2016 great, Nomads
  29. CONTEST: Name the Rarest Building Material, Win an Alpha Key
  30. Early access, new lava world and what's to happen in 2017
  31. Nomadic Journals #8 Survival Mechanics and Early Access Release Schedule
  32. Early Access Packed with Creative and Survival Modes
  33. Nomadic Journals #9 The team is talking
  34. Attention Nomads - Launch Date and Alpha Update
  35. Nomadic Journals #10 Survive Today
  36. Navigation system and vehicles are back! The final alpha update
  37. Public release delayed, but not for kickstarter and pre order nomads
  38. New public release date is set. Now the changes
  39. Nomadic Journals #11 On the Latest Patch - Survival Changes and Optimizations
  40. One Week to Launch and Set Planet Nomads on the Long Journey Ahead
  41. Early Access Patch Notes
  42. 0.6.3 Update paving the way for mobile bases, trailers and trap doors
  43. Unforseen 6.7 & 6.8 hotfixes and oxygen tank & medium armory in 0.6.9
  44. Get outta hole free winch and other usefull things
  45. Gift Finding and Happiness Sharing - Win the Box
  46. Planet Nomads in 2018
  47. Forum software update
  48. Resolved Bugs forum category
  49. !!! Main menu background contest !!!
  50. Tutorial Testing
  51. Moving This forums to Steam Discussions