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  1. [Acknowledged][HIGH PRIORITY] Light emitting blocks cause suspension to act strange
  2. [Acknowledged][HIGH PRIORITY] Memory Leak
  3. [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] Flying Trees !!
  4. [Acknowledged][MED PRIORITY] Additional input devices cause control interference
  5. [MED PRIORITY] [POSSIBLE DUPLICATE] Movement bug - perma strafe
  6. [HIGH PRIORITY] Linux: Locale problem, extremely bright colors
  7. [Acknowledged][MED PRIORITY] Steam overlay on Linux
  8. [LOW PRIORITY] Stuck Parts
  9. [Acknowledged][MED PRIORITY] Game on wrong screen for multiple monitor setups
  10. [LOW PRIORITY] Game won't start when PlayClaw 5 is running
  11. [Acknowledged][MED PRIORITY] Falling through voxels
  12. [Acknowledged][MED PRIORITY] World Tearing on Linux
  13. [Acknowledged][EXTREME PRIORITY] I can't generate worlds
  14. [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] Arc-Block doesn't stack
  15. [Acknowledged][HIGH PRIORITY] [DUPLICATE INSIDE]Space travel already possible
  16. [Acknowledged][MED PRIORITY] Block detection with rotors and hinges
  17. [Acknowledged][HIGH PRIORITY] Fell through map
  18. [LOW PRIORITY] Can't power Interior Lights if mounted on a wall.
  19. [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] Streaming Issues (OB Studio)
  20. [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] ALT+Tabbing while in Building Blocks menu causes issue
  21. [Acknowledged][MED PRIORITY] Beacons sometimes loose their power
  22. [Acknowledged][HIGH PRIORITY] Massive Performance Loss After Drivin Around
  23. [Acknowledged][MED PRIORITY] Very wobbly suspension, hinges are not working as expect
  24. [HIGH PRIORITY] Game Freeze Trying To Save
  25. [EXTREME PRIORITY] [POSSIBLE FIX] blue screen on Linux launch
  26. Just a slight gap in the ground.
  27. [Acknowledged][MED PRIORITY] beacon freeze
  28. [MED PRIORITY] Launched into space
  29. [Acknowledged][MED PRIORITY] invisible blocks/walls
  30. [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] Invisible Plants
  31. [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] Couple of clipping issues
  32. [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] Blocks of terrain becomes extremely lit if 2 lightsource
  33. [Acknowledged][HIGH PRIORITY] Crash to Desktop at Save
  34. [Acknowledged][MED PRIORITY] Moving around automatically
  35. [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] Pressing E in game menu will exit the cockpit
  36. [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] Jetpack sound not stopping after entering vehicle
  37. [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] flying/jumping "vehicle" bug
  38. Tree Physics
  39. [LOW PRIORITY] "wifi" electricity bug?
  40. [LOW PRIORITY] Blocks with limited mounting positions require specific placement
  41. [Acknowledged][MED PRIORITY] First functinal hyperdrive
  42. [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] Flickering Flashlight
  43. [Acknowledged][Med Priority] Building Blocks disappearing
  44. [Acknowledged][HIGH PRIORITY] white holes in landscape
  45. [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] gmcs exception
  46. [MED PRIORITY] Graphic Glitch with obs
  47. [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] Flashlights light blocked
  48. [Acknowledged][HIGH PRIORITY] - Build Vision Malfunction
  49. [LOW PRIORITY] 1/4 round 1x1 Problem
  50. [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] Seeing ground texture grid
  51. [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] Semi-remote control vehicle
  52. Memory leak (?) that causes the game to bug?
  53. [HIGH PRIORITY] Game Freezes when removing blocks.
  54. [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] Underground is lit up w/o lighting
  55. Falling through space after a while
  56. [Acknowledged][MED PRIORITY] Rotation Plate Glitch
  57. [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] Getting stuck on Wheel placements
  58. [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] Block weight is incorrect. Possible very easy fix
  59. [LOW PRIORITY] Deformed trees
  60. [EXTREME PRIORITY] crashes while generating world
  61. [MED PRIORITY] Game Fills Up Computer Memory
  62. [HIGH PRIORITY] Digging to space.
  63. [MED PRIORITY]Multi-suspension Spaceflight (no lights)
  64. Can't stand still and always moving sideways
  65. [Fixed] [HIGH PRIORITY] Rotors not rembering there oriantation after load
  66. [LOW PRIORITY] Tears in terrain after drilling/mining
  67. [MED PRIORITY] Slope influencing vehicle direction way too much.
  68. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Direct-to-frame wheel placement
  69. [LOW PRIORITY]Wheels wont spin when horizontally placed
  70. [LOW PRIORITY] flashlight brightness changes
  71. Problem placing Blocks- Phantom block
  72. [MED PRIORITY] Can't enter moving vehicle
  73. [LOW PRIORITY] overlighting
  74. [LOW PRIORITY] Clipping problems when using saw
  75. [LOW PRIORITY] New blocks, 2 topics
  76. [LOW PRIORITY] South pole textures
  77. [LOW PRIORITY] Stuck in ground in new world
  78. [LOW PRIORITY] Pieces of the ground float in the air after drilling
  79. [HIGH PRIORITY] can't load new saves
  80. [MED PRIORITY] There is a 3x3 flooring which is flat but the 1x1 flooring is a block
  81. [LOW PRIORITY] Windowed building dark inside from certain angles
  82. [MED PRIORITY] Slow vehicles
  83. [MED PRIORITY][General Suspension problems] Accidental Space Launch......
  84. cant get past creating world screen
  85. [Acknowledged] bugs maybe, all i know is it bugs the F**k out of me :( (sorry for the swair) :D
  86. Character sliding backwards, while standing on a floor block tilted forwards
  87. Vehicular third person axis rotation incorrect [Acknowledged]
  88. Physics does not "stabilize" in some cases.
  89. bug report hope it helps
  90. [High prio.] [Acknow.] leaving upside down vehicle makes you fall through the ground
  91. [LOW prior.] A Mixture of bugs.
  92. [HIGH PRIORITY] Exploding vehicle throws me off the planet
  93. [EXTREME PRIORITY] [SOLUTION] Game Will Not Start
  94. [Acknowledged] 21:9 ultra widescreen not supported
  95. [HIGH PRIORITY] [Acknowledged] World saving
  96. [DUPLICATE] [EXTREME PRIORITY] Linux: Game won't go past generating world
  97. [Low Priority] Website Forum Linking...
  98. [LOW PRIORITY] USB polling
  99. [MED PRIORITY] Third person in cyropod
  100. [LOW PRIORITY] Container glitch
  101. [LOW PRIORITY] Weird construction of buildings
  102. [HIGH PRIORITY] - Stuttery game play
  103. Game not loading after respawn.
  104. Can't access bio generator
  105. [High Priority] 100% Cpu Usage
  106. 3D Printer Construction Bug
  107. [HIGH PRIORITY] Objects spawning floating in air
  108. [HIGH PRIORITY] Stuck at 0% Generating World After Exiting Game to Menu and Continue
  109. Keyboard problems with newest update, can't type!!
  110. [Low Priority] Character starts slowly moving left after consuming 2 items
  111. [LOW PRIORITY] Icons stuck on screen
  112. [LOW PRIORITY] Gathering water stuck
  113. [LOW PRIORITY] Compact medbay texts
  114. [LOW PRIORITY] "Face object" generated
  115. [HIGH PRIORITY] Fruit can't be harvested
  116. [HIGH PRIORITY] Stasis pod disappeared
  117. Cannot Craft
  118. [HIGH PRIORITY] - Construction eating recources.
  119. [LOW PRIORITY] Custom game settings not saving
  120. [LOW PRIORITY] Big carbon rock give few resourses
  121. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Inaccurate material consumption when using conveyors
  122. [LOW PRIORITY] Can interact with items outside cryopod
  123. [LOW PRIORITY] Continue button continues last created save, rather than last played save
  124. [MED PRIORITY] Can't go through open doors after loading the game
  125. UI doesn't show missing materials in red
  126. [MED PRIORITY] Player inventory change doesn't trigger update during block placement mode
  127. [LOW PRIORITY] Container of 0 Basic Frame dropping when deconstructing Armor Corner Slope
  128. [LOW PRIORITY] Character does not die due to starving/thirst/fatigue
  129. Broken Advanced Composite Parts II
  130. [LOW PRIORITY] trees spawning
  131. [LOW PRIORITY] Suit Mk4 does not update recipe
  132. Log File Requested By Devs To Go With Latest Video. (high priority)
  133. [LOW PRIORETY]: loading after closing to title screen does not work.
  134. [LOW PRIORITY] Power lines is visible, after loading a save
  135. [LOW PRIORITY] Flashlight switch off forever, after suit energy is down
  136. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] - Beacon vis distance.
  137. [LOW PRIORITY] Water surface can't be lit with flashlight
  138. [LOW PRIORITY] Underwater is always bright, even during the night
  139. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Parts sometimes vanish when building
  140. [LOW PRIORITY] Text in top right stops displaying
  141. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Cannot harvest some trees after a while
  142. [LOW PRIORITY] When leaving Stasis Chamber with "E", the first block in front of you gets activated
  143. [HIGH PRIORITY] - Mining Resource not harvesting.
  144. [LOW PRIORITY] Compact Armory did not output Jetpack Mk3
  145. [LOW PRIORITY] Large Container recipe is wrong
  146. [HIGH PRIORITY] Exploration Suit Mk4 can't be crafted
  147. [LOW PRIORITY] - Objects not loaded after long travel
  148. [Low Priority] Erratic animal movement on steeper terrain (or possibly due to other reason)
  149. [LOW PRIORITY] sun lensflare visible inside buildings
  150. [MED PRIORITY] Can't Create New Game (after returning to menu)
  151. [MED Priority] Unable to Delete Saves
  152. [Low Priority?] Plants and trees floating above terain
  153. [LOW PRIORITY] Animals dont take damage after first kill
  154. [MED PRIORITY] Inconsistent Starting Supplies
  155. [MED PRIORITY] Starving After Eating & Drinking
  156. [MED PRIORITY] Food & Drink Production Bugs
  157. [EXTREME PRIORITY] Not able to launch game
  158. [LOW PRIORITY] Recording black screen when graphics set at High or Ultra
  159. [Low Priority] Parts of land vegetation are often covered with water
  160. Components remaining on UI
  161. [MED PRIORITY] recipes scrolled out of view
  162. [LOW PRIORITY] Multitool select glitch
  163. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Resource theft
  164. High Priority [0.5] Game freezes as soon as i pull out the multi tool.
  165. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] hover jack not working
  166. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Beacon beam randomly working or not
  167. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Escape pod icon bugs out after dismantling the pod
  168. [LOW PRIORITY] Count resets in the 3D printer when an item completes building
  169. [LOW PRIORITY]Bioreactor is underpowered
  170. [Low Priority] View Resets on Respawn
  171. [EXTREME PRIORITY] Can't load game - Unfinished vehicle
  172. [HIGH PRIORITY] Reloading after exit caused death and terrain changes
  173. Open doors are closed when loading a previous savegame.
  174. [LOW PRIORITY] Other items disappear from FAD inventory on double click
  175. [Low] weirdly stretched out textured on vehicles.
  176. [Low] Upgraded suits do not apply bonusses.
  177. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Vehicle flying away after releasing from hover jack
  178. [LOW PRIORITY] Container item count doesn't update until it's opened again
  179. Container conected without convyer
  180. [LOW PRIORITY] Traveling farther than 500m from vehicle breaks game object loading
  181. [Medium] [0.5.1] Bugs still present from [0.5.0]
  182. [EXTREME PRIORITY] Stuck at Main Menu
  183. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Pod impact crater size
  184. [FIXED] Mobs Duplicating
  185. [LOW PRIORITY] Count resets in the 3D printer when an item completes building (version 2)
  186. [MED PRIORITY] stuck loading objects
  187. [EXTREME PRIORITY] Can't start game
  188. [LOW] Latency Issues
  189. [LOW PRIORITY] Underground darkness not working
  190. [LOW PRIORITY] buggy graphic
  191. CPU usage
  192. still flying off into space
  193. [SOLVED] Black Screen on startup since 0.5.1
  194. [HIGH PRIORITY] Exiting flipped vehicle can push you into the map
  195. [EXTREME PRIORITY] Graphics options and world generation.
  196. [Known] climate events
  197. [HIGH PRIORITY] Space cars
  198. [Not a Bug] Parts missing when deconstructing
  199. [FIXED] Targeting of objects difficult with nearby water sources (even those behind objects)
  200. [FIXED] More than Max Stack Size
  201. [EXTREME PRIORITY]Can't create new game
  202. [Magically Solved ] [extreme priority]
  203. [High Priority] Black hole
  204. [NOT A BUG] Items lost on destruction of chest
  205. [LOW PRIORITY]Wrong position of the fruits on the tree
  206. Spawned/Landed inside planet
  207. game wont start
  208. [MED PRIORITY]: Hunger depletes at normal rate while resting
  209. [LOW PRIORITY] - Glass components crafting time
  210. [FIXED] Bio Generator broken
  211. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Compact Med Bay eating components
  212. Mk 4 tools same as Mk1
  213. [FIXED] enter escape pod hides hotbar
  214. [FEATURE] Compass indicator to corpse not resetting
  215. [LOW PRIORITY] Cannot see contents of stacked/touching containers 3+
  216. [FIXED] Wheels propel me to space.
  217. [FIXED] Active tool battery charge disappears after loading the game
  218. [MED. PRIORITY] Issue with Rover Left Wheels
  219. [LOW PRIORITY] Multitool hangs when deconstructing emergency 3d printer
  220. [FIXED] Silver limited to 50
  221. Crash when reloading after death.
  222. [FIXED] Vehicles launch into space when emergency printer is placed on the back
  223. [NOTABUG] Key press interrupts other actions
  224. [FIXED] Dehydration rate in statis chamber in polar regions at accelerated rate
  225. [FIXED] Max stack size for silver is 50
  226. [FIXED] multitool unusable when battery is empty
  227. [Low Priority] Production sound doesn't stop when canceling production
  228. [LOW PRIORITY] 3rd person zoom not working
  229. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Pod landing zone too close to animal nest
  230. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Sleeping bag instantly kills
  231. Animal pathfinding
  232. [LOW PRIORITY] Object poke-through into landing pod at start
  233. [EXTREME PRIORITY] Game crashes
  234. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Water usage in stasis chamber - cold climates
  235. [Fixed] Spelling error in tutorial
  236. [FIXED] Flashlight doesn't light up unbuilt block
  237. [FIXED] - On player death: Unable to 'Quit to Menu' or 'Exit to Desktop'
  238. [FIXED] Linux: world building takes forever
  239. [ACKNOWLEDGED]Sudden Death on Exiting Vehicle Near Excavated Ground
  240. [FIXED] Rovers - Less Torque than a Honda
  241. [LOW PRIORITY] "Objects disappear whilst moving them from the Suit Inventory to a storage box"
  242. OBS Studio only recording cursor and black screen
  243. Wireless headphones shutting off continually.
  244. [Solved] Unable to load game at all
  245. [NOT A BUG] Cant remove mistakes in CM?
  246. Can't Respawn After Death
  247. [MED PRIORITY] Stamina, Food, Water stay constant while character dies due to health tanking
  248. [Solved] Base disappeared
  249. [FIXED] Small menu view in 4k Resolution
  250. [FIXED] Pod and Stasis Chamber Drains Stamina