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  1. Bug Reporting Template and Guide - USE THE SEARCH - USE THE TEMPLATE PLEASE -
  2. [Acknowledged][MED PRIORITY] Window resolution menu locks to portrait/landscape mode
  3. [LOW PRIORITY] Tree LoD
  4. [MED PRIORITY] Windmill Bug. Character does not move with the windmill.
  5. New updated confirmed bugs list _-please read-_ *post-survival*
  6. [LOW PRIORITY] Exiting the cryopod can result in teleporting through a wall.
  7. [LOW PRIORITY] Sound issue on some sound device(s): ch-ch noise repeating every ~0.5 seconds
  8. Build menu locked items
  9. [LOW PRIORITY] Rain falls through blocks/ceilings
  10. [LOW PRIORITY] Impossible to pick up boxes from swallow underwater
  11. [MED PRIORITY] Multitool animation played in block placement mode, causing jerk on left click
  12. [LOW PRIORITY] Dragging resets when an item finishes building
  13. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] 3D printer loses power
  14. [EXTREME PRIORITY] = game crashes when creating worlds = too many threads
  15. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Fireflies not always appearing
  16. [MED PIORITY] Sound cuts out on SoundBlaster USB device
  17. emergency printer weirdness
  18. [ACKNOWLEDGED] Weather sounds not abating/glitchy in building
  19. [Med Priority] Camera moving into game objects and terrain mesh
  20. [ACKNOWLEDGED] Stuck in the main menu
  21. [ACKNOWLEDGED] My vehicle just spontaneously flew into space
  22. [ACKNOWLEDGED] Long Building Disappears
  23. BUG MEGATHREAD *Early Access*
  24. [ACKNOWLEDGED] Game Stuck on "Stress music"
  25. [ACKNOWLEDGED] Long bridge disappear after loading saved game
  26. [ACKNOWLEDGED] It is almost impossible to wear a car wheel if the axis of rotation is not horizontal
  27. [ACKNOWLEDGED] Reinforced steel are not protecting you from angry animals
  28. Fastest car in the game (well... so far I guess)
  29. [ACKNOWLEDGED] Vehicle does not move after rebuild, player is stuck in block after exiting vehicle
  30. [Acknowledged] When going into sleep-pod at low health the pod kills you and stash is hard to find
  31. Car just vanished
  32. [ACKNOWLEDGED]Buildings Disappear & Then Death By Building - You gotta see the photos...
  33. Mobile Base Launched into Orbit (Unintentionally)
  34. [ACKNOWLEDGED] Progress animation is not any longer continously visible if using the Multi-tool
  35. Wake up with bath
  36. [ACKNOWLEDGED] - Exiting vehicle inside a tunnel causes character to fall through world
  37. [Low Priority] Oreless ores.
  38. [MED PRIORITY] drill/suspension issues after loading game
  39. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Unable to load saved games - probable corruption of save files
  40. Drag and drop from suit to medium 3D printer glitch
  41. Saving are stuck sometimes
  42. [HIGH PRIORITY] Saving game crashes way too often
  43. (Trivial bug) Horizontal walls used as roof, not blocking weather effects.
  44. Rocks are floating in the air
  45. Sound issues
  46. Trees growing through reinforced walls and ceiling
  47. [ACKNOWLEDGED] [UI] generator remaining time (with tests)
  48. [Acknowledged] Entire bridge disappears.
  49. [MED-HIGH PRIORITY] Monorail Goes off track when travelling far away from it and returning
  50. Unable to connect 2 separated structures
  51. [High]Exiting Stasis Pod under staircase = death
  52. [Acknowledged] [LOW PRIORITY] canceled controls changes still appear in hotbar
  53. [Med]Qol Improvements
  54. Game crash report
  55. [ACKNOWLEDGED]Unable to stand on any vehicle surface
  56. [ACKNOWLEDGED]Massive FPS hit when using the Hover Jack
  57. [ACKNOWLEDGED]Vehicle glitched underwater
  58. [High]First Player in space?
  59. Headless man in statis chamber...
  60. low fr, sluggish controls
  61. [Low Priority] Falling Through Water
  62. Crash upon exit to desktop - pre and post 0.7
  63. [ACKNOWLEDGED]suspension broken. [0.7]
  64. 0.7 two new issues
  65. [Not a Bug] Seed Bug with Medium Greenhouse
  66. Drowning inside cockpit/stasis chamber
  67. [PROPABLY FIXED] Suit Battery stuck empty
  68. Experiencing some FPS Issues
  69. Tried to build multitool Mk4, got stuck and ate my resources
  70. Strange Winch Behavior - 0.7.1
  71. Containers lose "link" on my vehicle after I remove the jack
  72. Forum bug.
  73. My vehicle launches me into orbit...
  74. Godillo buged in creative
  75. What happened to the building logic?
  76. [LOW PRIORITY] Searchlight from the car is lights a background
  77. Computer crash
  78. (HIGH priority) exploding then disappearing vehicles
  79. low priorety weight
  80. medium priorety base section vanuihed then reappeard and killed me
  81. I'm being attacked despite a wall in between
  82. assets wiped after death
  83. Auto miners not using conveyor system
  84. Walking on floor pieces makes grass sounds
  85. disappearing floor
  86. Weather Effects disappear depending on where I am standing/facing when in my base
  87. Problems when building / breaking down suspension parts
  88. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] - Crash to desktop upon respawning
  89. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] - Game locks up when loading save from within game
  90. Mining Machine Display Not Showing Potential Ores [Medium Priority]
  91. Help!!!! Game is lagging
  92. [LOW PRIORITY] torque/speed setting effect
  93. [Acknowledged] Movement without power
  94. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Respawn after death hangs
  95. [Acknowledged] [HIGH PRIORITY] Jack block destroyes vehicle
  96. [LOW PRIORITY] audio warnings play too often
  97. [Acknowledged] [LOW PRIORITY] Some achievements may be obtained via "cheat ways"
  98. Broken Conveyor When Reconfiguring. [LOW PRIORITY]
  99. [Acknowledged] [LOW PRIORITY] Increased Lagging With Multiple Connected Storage Units
  100. [Acknowledged] [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Crash To Desktop or Freeze When Loading Previous Save
  101. Bub with coneyor/
  102. [Acknowledged] Raining Under Ceiling [MEDIUM PRIORITY]
  103. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Crash To Desktop During Respawn
  104. [Acknowledged] Player sliding on floor
  105. [LOW PRIORITY] Phantom Blocks
  106. [Acknowledged] [HIGH PRIORITY] full armor blocks starts chain of issues
  107. [Acknowledged][MEDIUM PRIORITY] Base Disappears When Removing Floating Soil
  108. Build icon too big, or is it just me??
  109. Ballistic Deers
  110. [LOW PRIORITY] Autominer Percentage vs Production
  111. The floating platforms are just strange...
  112. [LOW PRIORITY] moon texture seam
  113. SERIOUSLY annoying issue with jetpack
  114. [low priority]
  115. [MED PRIORITY] Invisible Earth or Solid Surface?
  116. Trying to build a Railway and half Base crashed by getting back to Base for Material.
  117. [HIGH PRIORITY] Entire base vanishes
  118. [LOW PRIORITY] Hoverpad Follows Terrain When Transitioning from Land To Water.
  119. Caution ...you are low on oxygen
  120. Creative mode right click issues
  121. Dead in the water - literally
  122. winches should not be able to do this
  123. [LOW PRIORITY] difficulty preset changes planet settings
  124. [LOW PRIORITY] floating foundation block name is wrong
  125. [Medium] Suspension and wheels still kinda broke.
  126. [Low Priority] vehicles sticking to ground
  127. Crash Dump - Respawning at Stasis Chamber
  128. backpackmk2
  129. Crash Dump - Driving, Steam Streaming, and Moving Fast
  130. [LOW PRIORITY] wreck containers unfinished
  131. [LOW PRIORITY] selected map entry not scrolled into view
  132. Unable to use radar unless in unmapped area
  133. [MED PRIORITY] severe radiation poisoning vs biohazard treatment
  134. [MED PRIORITY] attacked inside building
  135. "sliding" movement on any large created block structure
  136. [EXTREME PRIORITY] Crash instantly on startup
  137. [Extreme priority] Lost items in all containers on load of .8.1
  138. Phantom wrecks / visible details view range (esp. trees)
  139. one of my base is now a ghost...
  140. [HIGH PRIORITY] Game control issues (input freezes)
  141. [EXTREME PRIORITY] Game is a slideshow on linux
  142. [LOW PRIORITY] text of the links in the Italian language forum in the missing main screen.
  143. [LOW PRIORITY] on in off _ off in on in the Wall lights
  144. [LOW PRIORITY] Teleport out of home
  145. [LOW PRIORITY] air blade hover rocket
  146. Severe sliding character bug (second try to submit thread)
  147. [LOW PRIORITY] Stack number in container doesn't update
  148. bug with giant wheel, reverse make big rover to spin
  149. Air craft not rising any more after saving and reloading
  150. Moving 2k from base and back resulted in mobile base merged with hangar
  151. [LOW PRIORITY] leaving an alien teleport pod below the ground
  152. [MED PRIORITY] Crafting queues frozen when power is lost
  153. Building blocks wont connect?
  154. Took chests apart, lost all stuff inside
  155. [Low] GOG achievements stopped working around November 25
  156. Starting game issues Time and location
  157. [HIGH PRIORITY] Escape Pod Fails To Generate
  158. Flipping Mobile Base
  159. Left Mouse won't place Building Blocks
  160. [LOW PRIORITY] Mass Not Updating Properly 0.8.4
  161. menu alignment bug?
  162. [LOW PRIORITY] Solar Panels name defaults to 3X3 Cockpit (x)
  163. Game crashes after death.
  164. [LOW PRIORITY] water pump does not show correct chance to gather
  165. [MED PRIORITY] trauma kit not working
  166. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Base Disappears After Addition of Water Pump - Then Reappears?
  167. Mining Machines don't keep percentage resources.
  168. [HIGH PRIORITY] Game ate (2) of my vehicles tonight after huge graphics lags.
  169. Loading object killed me
  170. XL conveyor, no more then 2
  171. The disappearing car and the crash that game after
  172. Death by swing
  173. [low priority] Build menu: Favourites settings lost
  174. Rain every 15 to 30 seconds
  175. 0.8.6 Very laggy
  176. [HIGH PRIORITY] After Autosave can no longer descend
  177. Stationary vehicle wobbling to left
  178. My road keeps disappearing since rollback!
  179. Serious collision issues post rollback
  180. Cannot turn around
  181. Message regarding Building
  182. 0.8.7 base no longer flies
  183. Disparition de structure et véhicule
  184. Occasional small splits in ground [low priority)
  185. Broken containers after removing Jack
  186. Auto Miner material collection is still very inconsistent
  187. All Buildings disappear
  188. Main menu interaction sounds when minimised
  189. Some more conveyor problems
  190. Flying vessel stumbles in the air
  191. Game shows as not responding then ok when loading world
  192. Vehicle gets stuck in place when adding hover pads
  193. Movements not saved...
  194. Night Sky
  195. Joystick
  196. [LOW PRIORITY]Hover-pad suspension combo bug
  197. [LOW PRIORITY] Shadow artifact glitch
  198. (LOW PRIORITY) Instakill after loading game (how to get the achievement unstoppable force real fast)
  199. {LOW PRIORITY) Jetpack walking
  200. Reinforced wall ext/int conveyor joint - cant add to if horizontal
  201. V.
  202. [LOW PRIORITY] 8-conveyor requires 17 mechanical parts
  203. Rain...
  204. Non volunteered moving
  205. [MED PRIORITY]Blades are welded aparently always horizontally but with side-effects
  206. [LOW PRIORITY]UI Performance drop in 0.7.9
  207. [HIGH PRIORITY] Frequent Crashes under Linux/Arch (GOG version)
  208. Tag v.
  209. [NOFIX PRIORITY] Attaching wheels directly to vehicle hull may make it run like crazy
  210. [] Game crash when i click on the saving button
  211. VERY annoying hoverpad bug ....
  212. [LOW PRIORITY] watching through the window makes the world brighter
  213. [high Priority]Game killed after loading base
  214. [MED PRIORITY] medium armory doesn't finish and then destroys ingredients
  215. hoverpads merging with the raised floor of the garage
  216. [LOW PRIORITY] Light Shine Through Walls
  217. Hover Jack
  218. Battery will not charge while sleeping
  219. IF you have the Status Effect Thermal Overload you can breathe water without the tank
  220. *Minor* Default weapon is equipped when loading save gave
  221. Minor *Cracks form when terraforming with Tool. Beasts and the player can get stuck in them.
  222. Open a big Containers are very slow if many connected with conveyors
  223. Switchboard artifact in
  224. [MED-PRIORITY] Stasis chamber not working
  225. [MED PRIORITY] Medium greenhouse doesn't let conveyors going through it
  226. Vehicle falling through ceiling
  227. Game does not function properly on multimonitor. (no mouse capture or borderless window)
  228. [LOW PRIORITY] Solar panels detects the sun in darkness
  229. Sudden death
  230. Desert travel and overheating.
  231. [Low Priority] Build vision auto enabled when flying away and back to base
  232. Jetpack rapidly consumes energy when descending ?
  233. [Low Priority] chests and beacons fall down when burried
  234. Animal AOE Ground Pound attacks hit you while hovering or standing ontop of a building out of range
  235. [LOW PRIORITY) Color shifting suddenly
  236. it rains inside my new house
  237. it rains inside my new house
  238. [HIGH PRIORITY] flying base collision model bug after loading savegame
  239. Battery rack on a car
  240. [LOW PRIORITY] Transition from swim down to swim up depends on the order of keys actions
  241. [Low Priority] Build vision, hard to see what i'm building.
  242. Did I reach some hidden limit?
  243. Hot and cold at once
  244. [LOW PRIORITY] Trees are shown when the are is far also they where cut
  245. Horrible performance have to wait for 10 Minutes or more...
  246. Solar panels got worse
  247. [EXTREME PRIORITY] Unable to change game resolution
  248. [Low] Gap between connected suspension pieces when lifted with hover jack
  249. Fell below the world - died trying to get out
  250. [MEDIUM PRIORITY] Conveyor link/connection problems